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Champaign County, Illinois

First Baptist Church - 75th Anniversary

History of the First Baptist Church, Urbana, Illinois

Organized September 21, 1838 - Diamond Jubilee Week - September 21-28, 1913

Click on History of the First Baptist Church, Urbana, Illinois to reach a searchable and printable.pdf copy of the complete volume.

This book mentions the following persons:

Photos and/or Biographies
James T. Roe Robert Slater W. W. Smith
Matthias Rinehart G. W. Riley J. W. Primm
D. S. French Bethire Riley J. F. Miles
James Myers D. F. Carnahan M. L. Rugg
James S. Busey W. H. Stedman J. A. Brown
William Gill G. M. Shott Robert Van Meigs
Dudley McClain G. A. Walker G. M. Shott
Jackson M. Everitt E. C. Sage F. M. Snyder
Edward Ater F. J. Leavitt Everitt Knowlton
List of Former/Present Members
M. D. L. Sillers Allen McLain Clay Webber
Rebecca Sellers Edgar Woolhouse Geo. M. Bennett
Stanford Hall Mrs. Edgar Woolhouse J. W. Cushman
Mrs. M. W. Busey Miss Nelle Hubbard Eliza C. Brumley
Samuel S. Hall Robert Slater S. F. Gleason
George W. Brash N. A. Riley D. L. Scroggins
L. A. McLean George M. Bennett F. F. Leonard
J. S. Hale Frank Renfrew R. S. Kirkland
Miss Anne Webber Edgar Lanham Myra Silver
S. A. Rowland   B. S. Lanham

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