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Champaign County, Illinois

Ogden Centennial, 1870-1970

Click on "Ogden, Illinois 1870 - Centennial - 1970" to reach a .pdf copy of the complete volume. Be patient, it's a large file.

This book includes information on the life of early Ogden settlers, transportation and communication, village of Ogden and Ogden township, business, farmers, religion and education, services, the military, organizations, facts, early scenes, and includes biographies and/or photos of the following persons:

  • J. C. Gardiner
  • Gilbert Canaday
  • John L. Cailey
  • Milton Babb
  • Cherry Family
  • Patrick Brennan
  • Sarah Jane Kirby and Amos Elliott
  • George Bernhardt (Barney) Loeffler
  • T. F. Berkley
  • J. R. Esworthy
  • Jacob Freese
  • Leonard Hiller
  • Richard Hayes
  • Isaac Divan
  • Barney Clancy
  • Rebecca Jane Richards and Thomas Mapes
  • William Mapes and Ella Clancy
  • Peter John Wagner
  • George Zigler Clark
  • Thomas Freeman
  • James Sperry
  • William J. Downing
  • Salem L. Ketterman
  • William H. Thompson
  • Henry Cherry
  • Elias Freeman
  • William Morrison
  • Charles D. Thompson
  • James W. Harper
  • Isaac Hixenbaugh
  • L. W. Baird
  • Zephaniah D. Alsip
  • Joseph Ackerman
  • David Alexander Gillespie
  • John W. McKinney
  • Ensley Family
  • George Denhart

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