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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - Stephen Boyd

SOURCE: "Early History and Pioneers of Champaign County, Illinois," by Milton W. Mathews and Lewis A. McLean, editors of the Champaign County Herald, published by the Champaign County Herald, 1886


STEPHEN BOYD was born December 17, 1804, in Shelby county, Kentucky. His father, William BOYD, and his mother, who was Elizabeth WILEY, came to this county at the same time that Stephen himself came, to-wit in the year 1831. The father was of Scotch descent, while the mother was a German lady. They both died here, in September, 1838, there being but a few days between the dates of their death. Stephen, when he arrived in this county from Shelby county, Kentucky, was twenty-seven years old, and had in 1824 married Jemima KITSON who died in 1826, in Kentucky. He settled three miles east of Urbana and lived there the remainder of his life, following here as he had in his old home, the occupation of a farmer. In 1833 he married Eliza RINEHART. His children were James BOYD, a well-to-do farmer who now lives at the old home place; John Matthias, who died in 1838; Jemima, who died in 1846; Elizabeth, who married Amos CONWAY now residing in Dakota; Mary, who married Frank CHAMPLAIN now residing in Cedar Vale, Chautauqua county, Kansas; Emma; and Al BOYD, both residing near Urbana. Stephen Boyd was always a consistent and ardent democrat. He died August 14, 1873, leaving behind him a splendid reputation for honesty and square dealing among those who knew him for the long period of time he lived among the early pioneers. He left to his heirs a goodly estate and did not owe a cent at the time of his death. His living children have all done well and are a credit to the memory of Stephen BOYD, whose record of honesty we gladly preserve for future generations.

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