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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - Hartwell C. Howard

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


HARTWELL C. HOWARD, M.D., was born in 1829 in Monroe county, New York. His father, Eleazer HOWARD, a native of Connecticut, immigrated to New York in 1815 and engaged in farming. In 18-- he was married to Miss Matilda WOOD of Tolland county, Conn. Mrs. Howard's ancestry were Scotch, while Mr. Howard was of English descent. The family mofed to Franklin county, Ohio in 1843, where they resided eight years, when they again took up their march toward the "setting sun," and finally settled in Empire township, McLean county, Illinois, where they resided until their death in 187-. The subject of our sketch is the youngest of six children, all boys, four of whom are farmers. At the age of seventeen he entered Starling Medical College at Columbus, Ohio, where he studied four years and graduated February 22nd, 1850, receiving the customary degree of M.D. After six months' practice in Ohio he was honored with the appointment to the position of Resident Physician and Surgeon in the Emigrants' Hospital at New York. This position he occupied for three years, discharging the duties to the entire satisfaction of the trustees of the institution and acquiring that skill and practical knowledge of his profession which has since proved of so much benefit to himself and his numerous patrons. He resigned his position in 1853 and came west, opening an office in McLean county, Ill, but early realizing the coming importance of Champaign he located in this city in May, 1853. In 1854 he performed a pilgrimage to Rochester, N.Y., and on the 17th of July was married to Miss Marinda E. MUNROE of that city. The young physician brought his bride to Champaign, where they have since resided. Several children were born to them, of whom five are now living. In 1876 Dr. Howard was attached with pneumonia, and went to Florida for his health. There he became so interested and pleased with the country that at no distant day he may probably make it his home. He returned from the south greatly improved in health, and took up his old life as he had left it. Dr. Howard cast his first vote for Genl. Winfield Scott, but on the formation of the Republican party he joined the then meagre squad, and since then has always been a staunch Republican and is always found in the front rank of his party. The doctor as a citizen is public-spirited. As a man of business, he is energetic, and while we understand that he is not connected with any religious organization, yet he leads a life which would be an honor to any one, and may well serve for a model for all whose life-object is to benefit their fellow-men. While many physicians have forgotten the way in which they were trained, and strayed into unknown paths, Dr. Howard has always remainted faithful to the principles of the regular school of medicine, and as a physician he is justly popular with all classes of the citizens of Champaign county. Dr. Howard as a physician takes front rank in his profession. His life-long study of the science of Materia Medica - for he has always been a student - his extensive practice, whereby he has been brought in contact with all manner and forms of disease incident to our ever-changing climate, - his acknowledged skill in the treatment of cases that require long experiences, have placed him where he belongs. It is with pleasure that we present his portrait and brief biography to the citizens of Champaign county.

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