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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - George W. Hartman

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


Dr. GEORGE W. HARTMAN. Geo. W. Hartman was born in Davidson county, North Carolina, the 16th of April, 1827. He was the eldest child of John P. and Catherine HARTMAN, who were natives of that State. The family consisted of eight children, of which four were boys and four girls. The parents of the following sketch immigrated from North Carolina to Indiana, in 1831, and settled at Salem in Washington county. After remaining there for one year he removed his family to Fountain county in the same State, where he engaged in farming, and has remained ever since. He was one of the pioneers of that State, and endured the privations and hardships incident to those times. Dr. Hartman remained at home until he arrived at the age of twenty-one years, but prior to that time he commenced the study of medicine. On the 10th of March, 1848, he married Miss M. C. MOSIER. There were born to George W. and Martha Hartman two children, one boy and one girl. His wife died on the 15th of Dec. 1860, and the two children survived the mother but a short time, one dying in 1864 and the other in 1867, from consumption. On the 10th of October, 1861, Mr. Hartman married Miss M. Ella BOWMAN, of Sidney. Prior to this union there had been eight children, four of whom are living, the other four having died during infancy from brain diseases.

Dr. Hartman commenced the practice of medicine in 1848, although he was at that time but twenty-one years of age. His careful studious habits and industry in acquiring a thorough knowledge of Materia Medica and all that pertains to the science of the healing art, enabled him at that early age to successfully combat the diseases incident to his locality. He was remarkably successful. After practising in Fountain county, Indiana, for two years he removed to Warren county, where he remained three years. After which he came to this State and practised in Clark county. The practice in the latter place not proving remunerative as he had hoped, he again pulled up stakes and came to Sidney, landing here on the 23d of November, 1854, and has remained here ever since. When he first commenced the practice in this county the country was sparsely settled, requiring long and wearisome rides to see his patients. The difficulties and trials attending the practice of medicine in those days is but little understood by the physicians of this day. The Dr. soon learned the necessity of having pure drugs, such as he could rely upon in his practice, and in order to meet this want he opened a drug store in 1856, and continued in that business in connection with his profession until 1868. In 1852, two years before he moved to Sidney; while on a visit to this section he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land in this township, which under his judicious management has improved and is now one of the best farms in this locality. The Doctor has by his long experience with men, learned to depend upon himself, and in matters pertaining to political affairs of his State and county has always expressed his views in plain and unmistakable terms. He is, and always has been since old enough to vote, a member of the Democratic party. In his religious views he has no strong tendencies toward any particular denomination, but prefers to work by the golden mean of doing unto others as he would have others to do unto him, and believes that in this is contained the genuine essence of true religion. Dr. Hartman is a prominent member and worker in the masonic order, and is at present a member of the Blue Lodge Chapter, Council and Commandry, and also a member of Scottish Rite masonry. He, in these orders, is well and favorably known through this section of the State. Dr. Hartman is a kind, courteous gentleman. He is honest and upright in his dealings with his fellow-men, and in his profession commands the respect and esteem of his brethren. It is with pleasure we append this brief biographical sketch and commend him to our numerous readers.

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