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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - George Karchner

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


GEORGE KARCHNER. In reviewing the history of the subject of this sketch, we find he is of French extraction. His father being a native of Menheim, CaIlton Hockfelden, France, and was born on the 10th day of October, 1812. He served five years in the French army, under Louis Philippe, where by his obedience, honesty and strict adherence to duty, he won the respect and admiration, not only of his officers, but also of his fellow-soldiers. After serving his time, he was honorably discharged, and in 1841, left the shores of his native land, and emigrated to this country, when he immediately settled in Stephenson county, Illinois, and where he resided until his death. On the 28th day of January, 1878, at the age of sixty-five years, three months and 18 days, he was gathered to his fathers with an unclouded faith, and a bright hope of immortality and a glorious resurrection.

George Karchner, the subject of the present sketch, was born in the township of Ridott, and county of Stephenson, Illinois, on the 11th day of July, 1845, and consequently is 33 years old. He is the third child, and second son of John and Salvina (STOSKOPF) KARCHNER. He is justly reckoned among the most thrifty and energetic farmers of Tolono township. He received his education at the public schools of Stephenson county, and resided in the old homestead until he attained his majority, when he began the business of farming for himself. He now owns a fine farm of 160 acres, on section 21 of township 18, Range 8, West, a view of which, together with the portraits of himself and excellent wife, we present to our readers on another page in this work. In 1869 he was united in marriage to Miss Jane STEWART, daughter of Charles and Mary STEWART, and on the 13th day of February, 1870, moved on the farm where he has since resided. The farm at that time was new unbroken prairie, but, in the short space of eight years, he has transformed it into a garden; his pastures dotted all over with fine-bred cattle and hogs. And in addition to his farming, and breeding fine stock, he connects other business, such as money loaning, &c., for which by nature he is eminently qualified. Although Mr. Karchner is a young man; scarcely in the strength and vigor of manhood; yet he is a careful, candid, prudent and intelligent financier, and is destined to make "his mark" in the world. To Mr. and Mrs. Karchner there have been three children born, two girls and one boy, in the following order, viz. Saloma J., William H. and Mary Alice J. In his political sentiments he is ardently Republican, in matters of religious faith he is liberal, and while not affiliating with any of the sectarian denominations, yet he believes in the broad principles of Christianity, and is found among the liberal supporters of religious and educational institutions. In his character, he is independent, energetic and eminently qualified to fight the great battle of life.

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