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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - William Meharry

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


WILLIAM MEHARRY.Among the representative men of Philo township, none stand forth more conspicuously than does the subject of this sketch. Although not one of the first settlers in the township, yet by great industry coupled with sound practical qualifications he has rightfully assumed a place with the largest farmers, and most substantial business men of the county. We herewith present a brief sketch of Mr. Meharry's life, feeling as though the history of Philo township would he incomplete without a notice of that gentleman.

William Meharry was the son of Thomas and Emily MEHARRY He was born in Montgomery county, Indiana. His birth dates Oct. 27th, 1830. He is of Scotch descent on his paternal side, and of English descent on his maternal side. Thomas Meharry was the son of Alexander and Jane MEHARRY,and was born in Ohio. Alexander Meharry was a native of Scotland, during the reign of Queen Mary. He had to leave that country on account of his religious views, had to forsake the land of his nativity and all that was near and dear in early associations, and crossed the ocean to this country that he might enjoy the political, social and religious institutions peculiar to our Republic. When he arrived in this country he settled in Ohio. His son Thomas emigrated from Ohio to Indiana, and settled in the year 1828.

The Subject of our sketch was brought up on a farm. He received his early education in the common schools of Indiana.

In 1854 or 1855 he came with his father, Thomas Meharry, to Champaign county. Thomas Meharry was a man of means, and his object in coming west, was to purchase lands for his children. He entered four sections in his own name, for their benefit, in Champaign county, in Philo and Crittenden townships, and also one section in McLean county, twelve miles east of Bloomington. Having thus made provision for the future of his children, he returned to Indiana, where he lived until his death.

In 1865 William Meharry, the subject of our sketch, settled permanently in this county, in Philo township, where he still resides. He was united in marriage to Miss Margaret McCORKLE, March 11th, 1869, a native of Putnam county, Indiana, and the daughter of Andrew and Mary McCORKLE. By this union they have a family of two children, Anna May, and Lelia Alice. Politically, Mr. Meharry is a Republican, but he has never taken any particular interest in politics, desiring rather to make his mark by improving a model farm which he has been eminently successful in.

In conclusion, Mr. Meharry may be relied upon as a sterling business man. Quiet in his demeanor, and charitable, where there exists any just claim, truthful, honorable and reliable, he is a fair type of the successful business men of the West.

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