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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - Hiram Peabody

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


HIRAM PEABODY, who lives on a farm in sections 12 and 13, St. Joseph township, came to this county in 1857. His father, Augustus A. PEABODY, was born in September, 1802, in Genesee county, New York, and in the year 1817 moved with his father's family to Switzerland county, Indiana, and was an early settler of that part of the state. He married in Southern Indiana, Permelia LESTER who was born in Cayuga county, New York, on the 29th of October, 1811. Her father came to Switzerland county, Indiana, in the year 1817. In the year 1835 the family moved to Wabash county, Indiana, at the time of the construction of the Wabash canal. Hiram Peabody, the subject of this sketch, was born in Lake Grove, Wabash county, Indiana, October 21st, 1835.

He lived in that county with his father till twenty-one years of age, and then came to Newcomb township, Champaign county. In December, 1858, he was married to Hester A. BRODERICK, daughter of William B. BRODERICK, one of the early settlers of Newcomb township. Mrs. Peabody was born June 23d, 1840. After his marriage he went to farming in what is now Condit township, and lived there till the fall of 1861, and then moved on a farm in the present Ogden township. The spring of 1866 be moved on his present farm adjoining that of his brother, David PEABODY. He has two children, Cyrus A., born in 1859, and Lorin W., born in 1864. He has never voted any other than a Republican ticket. He voted for Fremont in 1856, and is still a member of the Republican party. He has a good farm of 172 acres on which he has erected substantial and comfortable buildings. His father is still living in Wabash county, Indiana, at the age of 76. Mr. Peabody has been a quiet and law-abiding citizen, and a progressive farmer.

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