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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - Matthew E. Stamey

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


MATTHEW E. STAMEY. This gentleman, a member, from Hensley township, of the present Board of Supervisors, is a native of the county. His father, Elias STAMEY, was born in North Carolina, lived in that state till 1830, and at that date emigrated to Illinois, settling in Champaign county. He married Nancy D. BUSEY, who was born in Shelby county, Kentucky, and came to Champaign county with her father, Col. Matthew BUSEY, among the pioneer settlers. This marriage took place about the year 1834. Elias Stamey went to farming, two miles north of Urbana, where Matthew E. Stamey, the oldest child of the family,was born on the 16th of November, 1835. Three younger brothers are also living in Champaign county. His father lived north of Urbana till 1845, and died there.

The first school he ever attended was on his grandfather's (Col. Matthew Busey's) place, east of Urbana; the benches were slabs, the fire-place occupied the entire end of the room, and a log conveniently omitted in the side of the building served as a an opening for a window and with the door, which was generally kept continually open, furnished the necessary light. This was in the winter of 1839-40, and a man named Jerry Laws taught the school. He afterward had the advantage of more comfortable school qualities.

In 1861 Mr. Stamey went to farming in Hensley township, on Sec. 13. Three years afterward he moved back to Urbana township, but in 1865 settled on his present farm in Sec. 36 of Hensley township. His farm here consists of two hundred acres, and in other parts of the county he owns additional land, the whole amounting to 506 acres. March 28th, 1865, he was married to Ida O. GRAY, a native of Pennsylvania, but a resident of Champaign county since 1861. Her death occurred in 1872, and his second marriage took place July 6th, 1874, to Mary O. BROSHAR; her father, Levi BROSHAR, came to this county in 1858. In 1878 Mr. Stamey was elected a member of the Board of Supervisors from Hensley township.

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