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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - J. P. Tenbrook

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


Judge J. P. TENBROOK was born in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, November 2d, 1809, where he lived until he was about nine years of age; at which time, in company with his father, Abraham TENBROOK, he removed to Franklin county, Indiana. In 1822 the father died, leaving the family in the hands of his eldest son, of whom we write. The support of a large family of children is no easy task for a boy of thirteen; but by being almost constantly employed, and by the assistance of his mother and the older children, as they came to a suitable age, the wolf was kept from the door.

In 1837, finding himself in possession of three good teams, Mr. Tenbrook resolved to try the West. During the same year he located in Monticello, Piatt county. At that time the country between Monticello and Urbana was an unbroken prairie, and the smoke of the camp-fire of the indians still ascended from the Grove. Mr. Tenbrook began the hotel business, which he continued for twelve years.

He was united in marriage, in 1838, to Miss Eldula, daughter of Henry SADORUS, the pioneer of Champaign county.

Mrs. Tenbrook died in 1853. She was the mother of four children.

Mr. Tenbrook became a citizen of the county in 1850, locating on the north side of the railroad, in what is now the village of Sadorus. He began working a farm. This house was the first dwelling erected in Sadorus.

Judge Tenbrook filled the honorable position of police magistrate, and was a member of the County Board under the old organization, and has been supervisor of two or three different towns since the county system was changed. Mr. Tenbrook has been unfortunate in business, owing to a too generous disposition which he possesses. A part of his time has been spent in Urbana and other places, where he has won a large circle of friends by his genial, good-natured disposition.

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