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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - E. E. Chester

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


E. E. CHESTER was born in Franklin county, Ohio, seven miles from Columbus, on the 30th of April, 1837. His great-grandfather lived in Nova Scotia at the time of the Revolutionary war, and his property was confiscated by the British authorities for his adherence to the cause of the American colonists. In compensation for this and seven years' military service, after the independence of the colonies was achieved, he was granted a quantity of land in Franklin county, Ohio. Mr. Chester's grandfather, Elias CHESTER, emigrated at an early period to Ohio, from the State of New York, and settled on this land, seven miles from the present city of Columbus. His father, whose name was also Elias CHESTER, was a small boy when he came to Ohio, was raised in Franklin county, and there married Anna SMITH, whose father was a native of New York and an early settler of Franklin county, Ohio. The fourth of seven children by this marriage was E. E. Chester, the subject of this sketch. He was raised near Columbus on the old homestead which his grandfather settled in the early days of the history of the state. He attended the common schools, and at one time prepared to enter a college in Indiana, but the death of his father made necessary the abandonment of this plan. In the spring of 1859, he bought a quarter section of land in Champaign county, Illinois, which comprises part of his present farm, and in 1860 began improving it. At Columbus, Ohio, on the 25th of February, 1864, he married Margaret POWELL, who was born in Franklin county, Ohio, ten miles from Columbus, the daughter of Jacob POWELL, who was born in the state of Pennsylvania, and when a small child came to Ohio with his father, who was one of the first settlers of Franklin county. Mrs Chester's father is now a resident of Jackson county, Missouri. A view of Mr. Chester's farm, five miles south-west of the city of Champaign, is shown elsewhere in this work. He is the owner of 440 acres of land, finely situated and well improved. He is a man of energy. His early life was spent in hard labor on his father's farm in Ohio, and since coming to this state his career has been one of industry and activity---qualities upon which his success has depended.

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