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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography - James Core

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


DR. JAMES CORE, an old physician of Homer, was born in Ross county, Ohio, December 19th, 1822. Both his father and grandfather were born in Maryland, and emigrating to Ohio in the year l797, settled at Chillicothe, the first capital of the State. They were among the pioneer settlers of the State. Dr. James Core, the subject of this sketch, was born at the old town of Chillicothe. When he was eight or ten years of age his father removed to Fayette county where he grew up to manhood and obtained a good English education. He began the study of medicine in the year 1843, when twenty years of age. He taught school, and by that means obtained sufficient money to enable him to attend the Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, where he was a student during the winter of 1845--'6. In the year 1846 he began practice for himself in Union county, Ohio, where he resided till 1853, the date of his coming to Illinois. He settled at the town of Homer, in Champaign county, then a village of two or three hundred inhabitants on the Salt Fork, a mile north of the location of the present town. He thought at first of only making a temporary stay, but finally decided to make the town his permanent home. On the 31st of October, 1854, he was married to Isabelle GOSLEE, of Madison county, Ohio. When Dr. Core began the practice of medicine at the old town of Homer there were no physicians in the east nearer than Danville, nor to the west nearer than Urbana, while to the north and south his practice extended over a wide scope of country, making the life of a physician by no means an easy one. On the building of the railroad the location of the town was changed to a point north on the immediate line of the road. He has had a large medical practice, and is the owner of three hundred and seventy acres of land part of which lies in Vermillion county. The death of his first wife took place on the 19th of December, 1863. His present wife was formerly Matilda RILEY, who was born and raised in Connecticut, but was living near Homer at the time of the marriage, which occurred on the 14th of April, 1868. As was the case with many prominent members of the Republican party of the present day, Dr. Core was formerly an old Line Whig, as was his father before him. The first vote which he ever cast for president was given to Henry Clay, the idol of the old Whig party. He was an early member of the Republican party, and he has since been an earnest supporter of its principles. In 1864 he was a delegate to the National Republican Convention at Baltimore, which made the second nomination of Abraham Lincoln for the presidency. He is the present Republican candidate for representative in the legislature for the thirtieth district embracing Champaign and Piatt counties. He has been an able and popular physician. He is a graduate of the Ohio medical college attending a supplementary course of lectures in that institution in 1864. He has been an active member of the Methodist Church, and is a local preacher of that denomination. His sympathies have been warmly enlisted in every movement having for its object moral reform and the good of the community. He has been especially an active and aggressive temperance worker, and is known far and wide as an able speaker on moral, religious and political topics. His active practice of medicine at Homer for more than a quarter of a century has made him well known throughout the county.

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