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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography of Augustus G. Ruhl

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


AUGUSTUS G. RUHL was born near Baltimore, Maryland, the third day of September, 1830. He is of German extraction, his father having come from Hesse, about fifty years ago, and settled in the above State.

When Augustus was about ten years old, his father moved to Union county, Ohio, and worked at his trade, which was that of a wagon-maker, while the son assumed the responsibilities of the farmer, which he has ever since continued.

On the 15th of March, 1853, he was married to Miss Barbara WENDERSAW, daughter of John WENDERSAW, also of Union county, Ohio. The fruits of this marriage are ten children, born as follows: William A., January 9th, 1854; Mary C., April 14th, 1855; Sarah E., September 8th, 1856; Emily F. born July 5th, 1858, and died July 30th, 1859; Carrie F., born January 3d, 1860; Charles S., November 9th, 1861; John H., August 2d, 1863; Martha A., Oct. 28th, 1865; Louisa A., October 15th, 1867; Lizzie C., April 10th, 1870, and died June 27th, 1878; and Maud F. was born November 25th, 1871.

Mr. Ruhl remained in Union county, Ohio, until 1858, when he removed to this county, living the first four years in Hensley township, after which he purchased and moved upon the farm where he still lives. The farm at that time consisted of one hundred and sixty acres of raw prairie, which Mr. Ruhl has transformed into a very beautiful home.

Mr. Ruhl assisted, to a very large extent, in erecting the Methodist Episcopal Church in Bondville, of which Church he is a devout member. He has also acted as superintendent of the Sabbath- school for many years, and, by his devotion to the cause, has assisted to keep the school in a flourishing condition.

In politics, Mr. Ruhl has always been identified with the Republican party, but remains clear of all partizan strifes.

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