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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography of George Shawhan

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois," by J. O. Cunningham, 1905


GEORGE SHAWHAN, for forty-one years identified with educational work in Illinois, ex-Superintendent of Schools for Champaign County, and manager of the Savings Department of the Illinois Title & Trust Company Bank, was born near Falmouth, Rush County, Ind., March 20, 1844, and came to Champaign County with his father and family April 17, 1856. Mr. Shawhan attended the public schools, and began teaching a country school in 1861. In September, 1871, he entered the University of Illinois, graduating therefrom in 1875. Later he pursued educational work in Mansfield and Homer, Champaign County, until 1881, when on December 9th of that year he was appointed County Superintendent of Schools, serving one year, after which he was elected for five consecutive terms, serving until December 1, 1902. During this time Mr. Shawhan, in connection with other County Superintendents, arranged the course of study for common schools which is now extensively used, not only in this State, but all over the West and Northwest.

He was elected President of the State Teachers’ Association at the December meeting in 1891, serving one year. He has been at the head of every committee on "Course of Study’ from the time the first State course was issued, in 1889, until 1904. He had charge of the copy and edited every edition of the course.

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