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Champaign County, Illinois

Biography of D. W. Stamey

SOURCE: "History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations," 1878


D. W. STAMEY. Mr. Stamey, one of the enterprising and substantial farmers of township 21, range 10, was born in Champaign county, May 1st, 1838. His father, Elias STAMEY, came from North Carolina to Illinois in 1834, and settled in the Big Grove, two miles north of Urbana. The subject of this sketch was raised in that part of the county. The first school he attended was in Urbana. He was about ten years of age when his father died. He lived at home till twenty-one, and then bought 160 acres of land in Henslev township, and was living there at the time of the breaking out of the war of the rebellion.

In June, 1862, he enlisted in the 69th regiment Illinois infantry, and served three months, during which he was principally employed guarding prisoners at Chicago. At the expiration of his term of enlistment he returned home. February, 1863, he went to California, with the object of recovering his health, which had become impaired during his service in the army. His physical vigor, having been regained, in February, 1864, while still in California, he enlisted in the 3d California cavalry, and served in that regiment one year. About one-half of the time he was stationed near Sacramento, and the remainder was in Idaho and Nevada territories. He was discharged from the service in the early part of the year 1865. Returning to Illinois, he went back to his farm in Hensley township.

On the 6th of May, 1866, he was united in marriage to Mary L. SOMERS, daughter of James L. SOMERS, of Somer township. Her grandfather, Weightman SOMERS, settled in Somer township in 1840, and her father, James L. Somers, in 1841.

In 1871, Mr. Stamey left Hensley township, and settled in section 31, township 21, range 10, where he has since been engaged in farming. He at this place has a farm of four hundred acres, and also is the owner of a farm of two hundred and forty acres in township 21 range 9. He is a careful and industrious farmer; his energy and business qualities have also contributed to his success. He has been engaged both in general farming and in stock raising. His house, erected within the last few years, has a beautiful situation on elevated ground, overlooking a wide scope of prairie, and a view of it is shown elsewhere among our lithographic illustrations. Mr. and Mrs. Stamey have one child, a daughter, Minnie. As far as politics are concerned, he occupies an independent position, though he is a sincere believer in the principles of the National Greenback party, in maintaining the interests of western farmers and producers against the exactions and monopolies of capitalists.

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