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Champaign County, Illinois

John Risinger Cemetery

The John Risinger Cemetery is located in St. Joseph Township of Champaign County and was farmed over around 1900 by the Irons family. There were 10 to 12 tombstones that were removed. No trace of the cemetery can be found today.

John Risinger
b. 1781 PA.
d. abt. 1855 Champaign Co, IL. (Homer)
m. abt. 1819 PA to Eve ?.
b. 1790 PA.
d. abt. 1863 Champaign Co, IL. (Homer)
Samuel Risinger.
b. 1829 PA.
d. after 1887. Patterson Cem. Homer.
Eve Risinger.
b. abt 1828 PA.
Daniel Risinger.
b. abt. 1827 PA.
Michael Risinger
b. abt. 1825 PA.
Joseph Risinger
b. abt. 1823 PA.

Samuel Risinger
b. 1829 PA.
d. after 1887, Patterson Cem. Homer.
m. 28 Jun 1849 Champaign Co, IL TO Barbara A. Swearingen
Barbara A. Swearingen
b. 4 April 1831, Vermilion Co, IL (became Champaign Co in 1833)
d. after 1900 in Homer, IL.
George T. Risinger
b. 1 April 1850, Homer, IL.
d. 6 Oct 1929, Ordway, Crowley Co, Colorado.
buried. 10 Oct 1929
John Wesley Risinger
b. avt. 1852, Homer, IL.
Nancy Risinger
b. Feb. 1860, Homer, IL.
d. before 1870
William D. Risinger
b. Feb. 1860, Homer, IL.
d. after 1900
Evert Risinger
b. 1864, Homer, IL.
Sylvester Risinger
b. 1866, Homer, IL.
May have two children that died at birth, one in 1868 and one in 1870.
From divorce records of David P. Swearingen, Barbara A. Swearingen is his daughter.
William D. Risinger
b. Feb. 1860, Homer, Champaign Co, IL.
d. after 1900.
m,. 27 July 1882, Champaign Co, IL. to Sarah R. Wilson
divorced after 1890 in IL.
Sarah R. Wilson.
b. 1864 in Vermilion Co, IL.
m. (as 2nd husband) Ernest Darling on 26 Nov 1894 in Bloomington, McLean Co, IL
(Ernest b. 1860, IL.
They had one child that I know of:
Mildred Darling
b. Aug 1897 in IL.)
Samuel Edgar Risinger
b. Aug. 1883, Homer, Champaign Co, IL.
Ethel M. Risinger
b. 23 Nov. 1885, Kingman, KS.
d. 7 Jan. 1969, York, Clark Co, IL.
m. 16 Oct. 1901, Philo, IL. to Ira Shaffer
buried York, Clark Co, IL.
William F. Risinger
b. Nov. 1886, Kingman, KS.
d. Madison, WI.
buried Roselawn Cem., Madison, WI.
m. Hazel Boggs
Ada Maude Risinger
b. 14 Nov. 1890, Homer, Champaign Co, IL.
d. 3 Apr. 1919, East Peoria, Tazewell Co, IL.
m. 10 Feb 1909, Orla Russel Abbot

 Many thanks to John Shaffer for donating this information.

Kathy (Hoy) Eltiste adds the following information:

I was looking at your web-site again this morning, and got a little interested in the Risinger Cemetery St. Joseph Township, Illinois and photographs.... I did a little Research and here what I think might be correct...

The 4 Unknown Tombstones You have photo's of are as follows:

J. R. - John Risinger - Father of Samuel Risinger

E. R. - Eve Risinger - Mother of Samuel Risinger

N. E. R. - Nancy E. Risinger (1857 - 1870) (This is the only one I'm Not sure of...)

Eliza J. Risinger - The Parents Initials on this stone are S & B  Rather then S & R....
S for Samuel Risinger and B for Barbara Swearingen Risinger.

Her Dates being... Born - January 21, 1854 & Died - January 22, 1855

If you look at the Resinger Cemetery Listing, Eliza fits nicely into Samuel & Barbara's Family, right
between John Wesley Risinger (1852)  and Nancy Risinger (1857).

The July 29, 1870 Homer, Champaign County, Illinois Census Lists Samuel (49 - b: 1821- PA) Living with his wife
Barbara (41 - b: 1829- IL) and their Children, George (20 - b: 1850-IL), John W. (18 - b: 1852-IL),
William (10 - b: 1860-IL), Eva A. (Female 6 b: 1864-IL), and Sylvester (4 -b: 1866-IL).
Also Living with them is Samuel's Mother Eve (85 - b: 1785-PA). 

I have added this information for 3 reasons.

1.) To Correct the name and Gender of the child you have listed in the cemetery listings from Evert to Eve A.

2.) To show that Samuel's Mother Eve would have been born about 1785 and was still alive by July 29, 1870.

3.) To Put Samuel and his Siblings in the correct order of birth. Samuel - 1821, Joseph - 1823, Michael - 1825,
Daniel - 1827, Eve - 1828.

I also Found the August 21, 1860, Homer, Champaign County, Illinois Census, which is where you may have gotten
most of your information.... This census lists the following...

Samuel - 37 - b: 1823
Barbara - 26 - b: 1834
George - 10 - b: 1850
John - 8 - b: 1852
Nancy - 3 - b: 1857
William - 8 months - b: Dec 1859/Jan 1860 (You have Febr. 1, 1860)
EVE - 70 or 71 - 1889/1890

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