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Champaign County, Illinois


I am grateful to Fonda Baselt for generously contributing most of the information for this section. Fonda lives in Champaign, IL, is a retired copywriter and past Quarterly Editor for the Illinois State Genealogical Society. She is past Editor of the Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly and, in addition, has authored the following publications, among others:
The Sunny Side of Genealogy
Cemeteries of Champaign County, Illinois, a Location Guide
A Wagner Family Odyssey - From Germany to Russia to America
ISGS Celebrates 25 Years 1968-1993
Subject Index to the Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly - Volumes 1-11

as well as a series of articles on the history of veteran cemeteries in Illinois. She is currently writing a book on a Civil War ancestor.



The numbers in the last column of the church listing refer to the references (see below).

Churches by Township:


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