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Champaign County, Illinois


Ayers Township
German Evangelical Lutheran Church Broadlands   [#1, 16]
Immanuel Lutheran Church 2401 County Road 400 North, Broadlands Organized in 1870 [#1, 23]
Methodist Church      
St. John's Evangelical & Reformed Church 300 S. Lincoln, Broadlands Merged with Methodist & United Brethren Churches  [#16]
United Brethren Church Broadlands    
United Community Church (UMC) 302 S. Lincoln, Broadlands   [#23]

Brown Township
Church of Christ 205 S. Third St., Fisher   [#23]
First Baptist Church 309 N. Third St., Fisher   [#23]
Immanuel Lutheran of Osman Rd 1, Fisher   [#23]
River Valley Church of Christ Hwy 136 & First St., Fisher   [#23]
United Methodist Church 101 E. Sangamon, Fisher   [#23]

Champaign Township and City of Champaign
All Souls Presbyterian Church (PCA) P.O. Box 3816    
Apostolic Christian Church 1401 Devonshire Dr.   [#23]
Apostolic Faith (Pentecostal) Church 110 Bellefontaine   [#23]
Bethel Methodist Church (AME) 401 E. Park St.   [#23]
Bible Baptist Church 911 W. Bradley Ave. and 908 W. Beardsley Ave.   [#23]
Champaign Alliance Church (Christian & Missionary Alliance) 1401 W. John St.   [#23]
Champaign Assembly of God 2905 Southwood Dr. [#23]
Chapel of St. John The Divine Episcopal 1011 S. Wright St.   [#23]
Christian Science Reading Room 201 W. Park Ave.    
Church of the Brethren 1210 N. Neil St.   [#23]
Church of Christ 606 E. White St.    
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 604 W. Windsor Rd.    
Church of the Living God (Church of God) 1109 N. Fourth St.   [#23]
Church of the New Testament (Non-denominational) 505 N. Poplar    
Church of Scientology Mission 312 W. John   [#23]
Church of the Three Hierarchs (Greek Orthodox) 402 Devonshire Dr.   [#23]
Community United Church of Christ 805 S. 6th St.   [#23]
Community Evangelical Free Church 211 W. Springfield Ave.   [#23]
Curtis Road Church of God (Cleveland, TN) 2604 Curtis Rd.   [#23]
Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church 102 N. State St.   [#23]
Faith Baptist Church Rt 4 & Market St.   [#23]
Faith United Methodist Church (UMC) 1719 S. Prospect   [#23]
Fifth Street M.E. Church      
First Baptist Church of Champaign (American USA) 1602 S. Prospect Rd., Savoy   [#23]
First Christian Church (Church of Christ) 1509 W. John St.   [#23]
First Church of Christ Scientist 602 W. Church St.    
First Church of God (Anderson, IN) 701 S. Duncan Rd.   [#23]
First Congregational Church 1st St. & University Ave.    
First General Baptist Church 1215 Holiday   [#23]
First Nazarene Church 2403 W. Kirby Ave.   [#23]
First Presbyterian Church (UPUS) 302 W. Church St.   [#23]
First United Methodist Church 210 W. Church St.   [#23]
Garden Hills Southern Baptist Church (SBC) 1601 Bloomington   [#23]
German M.E. Church Third & White St.    
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (ALC) 2101 S. Prospect   [#23] 
Goose Pond Church See First Congregational Church    
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (LCA) 313 S. Prospect Ave.    
Greater Jerusalem Apostolic Church 809 S. 5th St.   [#23]
Greek Orthodox Church 1401 W. John St.    
Grove Street Church of God (In Christ) 501 E. Grove St.   [#23]
Harvest Church (Charismatic) 51 Main St.   [#23]
Hessel Park Christian Reformed 700 W. Kirby Ave.   [#23]
Hillel Foundation Synagogue 503 E. John    
Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 405 W. Clark St. and 406 W. White   [#23]
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall 1508 N. Ridgeway   [#23]
Jubilee Assembly of God 604 W. Springfield    
Judson Chapel Baptist Bible Church 302 Wilbur   [#23]
The Latter House Ministries, Intn'l 922 W. Eureka St.
Liberty Temple Church of God In Christ 1203 N. Market St.   [#23]
Life Tabernacle (Non-denominational) 400 W. Bradley Ave.   [#23]
Macedonia Baptist Church (Missionary) 609 N. Ash and 808 N. 4th   [#23]
Marantha Christian Church 703 Frank Dr.   [#23]
McKinley Memorial Presbyterian Church (UPUS) 809 S. 5th St.   [#23]
Methodist Episcopal Church 414 W. Church St.    
Monument of Hope (Non-denominational) 1315 Fairfax    
Mt. Olive Baptist Church 808 E. Bradley   [#23]
New Covenant Fellowship (Non-denominational) 908 N. Prospect Ave.    
New Hope Church (Non-denominational) 409 E. Grove   [#23]
Northside Church of Christ 701 N. Wright St.   [#23]
Northwest Christian Church 1700 Anthony Dr.   [#23]
Park Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church 212 W. Park Ave.   [#23]
Pilgrim Baptist Church (Missionary) 1310 N. Sixth St.   [#23] 
Rising Star Baptist Church (GARBC) 1203 N. Market    
Salem Baptist Church 500 E. Park St.   [#23]
Salvation Army 502 N. Prospect    
Seventh Day Adventist Church 308 S. Mattis Ave.   [#23]
Sheriff's Temple (Church of the Living God) 601 E. Vine St.   [Apostolic #23]
Sinai Temple (Synagogue, Reform) 3104 W. Windsor    
St. Andrew's Lutheran Church (ALC/LCA) 909 S. Wright St.   [#23]
St. John the Divine (Episcopal) Chapel 1011 S. Wright St.    
St. John's Catholic Church Locust & Logan    
St. John's Chapel (RC) 604 E. Armory   [#23]
St. John's Lutheran Church (LC/MS) 509 S. Mattis   [#23]
St. Luke's Methodist Church (Christian Methodist Episcopal, CME) 809 N. 5th St.   [#23]
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church 612 E. Park   [#23]
St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church 1307 Lincolnshire   [#23]
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (ALC/LCA) 909 S. Wright St.    
St. Peter's Evangelical Church 905 S. Russell    
St. Peter's United Church of Christ 905 S. Russell   [#23]
Stratford Park Bible Church (Non-denominational) 2800 W. Kirby   [#23]
Temple Baptist Church (SBC) 1100 Broadmoor   [#23]
United Pentecostal Church 1511 N. McKinley Ave.   [#23]
University Baptist Church (ABC) 314 E. Daniel St.   [#23]
University Place Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 403 S. Wright St.   [#23]
University Lutheran Church (LC-MS) 604 E. Chalmers   [#23]
Westminster Presbyterian Church (UPUS) 1700 Crescent Dr.   [#23]
Westside Church (Non-denominational) 1501 W. Park St.   [#23]
Westside Nazarene Church 922 W. Eureka   [#23]
Windsor Road Christian Church 2501 Windsor Rd.   [#23]

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