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Champaign County, Illinois


Tolono Township
Fountain of Life Family Fellowship 102 E. Main (corner of Vorcey and Main), Tolono  
First Baptist Church 204 W. Holden, Tolono   [#23]
Prairie View Church May have once stood where the cemetery is located in NW quarter of Section 3, about 5 miles northwest of Tolono Was built in 1874 [#1]
Presbyterian Church 104 E. Vine, Tolono   [#23]
Savoy United Methodist Church Prospect & Graham Dr., Savoy   [#23]
St. Patrick's Catholic Church Tolono Established ca. 1888 [#1, 23]
Tolono Methodist Church (UMC) 301 N. Bourne St., Tolono   [#23]
Tolono Presbyterian Church (UPUS) Tolono Established in 1958  

Urbana Township and City of Urbana
Assembly of God 2502 S. Race St.   [#23]
A & O Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) 905 Fairview Ave.   [#23]
Baha'i Center 807 E. Green St.    
Bethlehem Lutheran Church (LC/WS) 312 W. Elm St.   [#23]
Canaan Baptist Church (Missionary) 402 W. Main St.   [#23]
Calvary Baptist Church 2106 E. Windsor Rd.   [#23]
Central Illinois Mosque & Islamic Center (Islamic) 106 S. Lincoln Ave.   [#23]
Champaign-Urbana Christian Church (Non-denominational) University of Illinois, Urbana   [#23]
Church of Christ 2601 S. Philo Rd.    
Church of Christ of the Latter-Day Saints 102 E. Oregon St   [#23]
Church of Christ of the Latter-Day Saints 402 S. Lincoln Ave.   [#23]
Church of God 305 S. Anderson    
Church of the Living God (Spiritual) 1103 N. Gregory   [#23]
Cornerstone Church of Christ 701 S. Lincoln Ave.   [#23]
Countryside Methodist Church (UMC) Sidney Rd.    
Crusaders Church 2111 Willow   [#23]
Disciples of Christ Community Church 702 E. Mumford Dr.   [#23]
Dublin Street Church of Christ 1402 W. Dublin St   [#23]
Dunkard Church     [#1]
Faith Baptist Church 301 E. Thompson    
Faith Crusaders Church (Non-denominational) 211 Willow    
Faith Nazarene Church 2011 Brownfield    
First Baptist Church of Urbana (American USA, ABC) 202 W. Illinois St   [#23]
First Baptist Church RR 4, Urbana   [#23]
First Christian Church 402 W. Main St. 1886-1931 [#12]
First Church of Christ Scientist 501 W. Oregon St.    
First Congregational Church Old Courthouse   [#12]
First Mennonite Church (GC/OM) 912 W. Springfield St.   [#23]
First Methodist Church (UMC) 304 S. Race St   [#23]
First Methodist Episcopal Church Green & Race Established in 1836 [#13]
First Presbyterian Church (UPUS) 602 W. Green St. Established in 1856 [#13,#18, #23]
First Wesleyan Church 406 E. Illinois St.    
Foursquare Gospel Church 2100 E. Washington St.   [#23] 
Free Methodist Church 902 W. Springfield St.   [#23]
Friends' Meeting (Quaker) 714 W. Green St.   [#23]
Grace Baptist Church 120 Brady Lane   [#23]
Grace Bible Church (Non-denominational) Willow Rd.   [#23]
Grace United Methodist Church 2004 Philo Rd.    
Greater Holy Temple (Pentecostal) 1405 W. Dublin St.   [#23]
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall 1407 Scovill   [#23]
Jericho Missionary Baptist Church 801 Killarny St   [#23]
Korean Church (UPUS) 608 W. Green   [#23]
Morning Star Free Will Baptist Church 1402 W. Eades St.   [#23]
New Covenant Fellowship of Urbana (Non-denominational) 101 N. McCullough   [#23]
New Life Fellowship Church (Non-denominational) Kerr Ave.    
Northside Gospel Center (Non-denominational) 301 E. Thompson    
On Campus Church of Christ 610 W. Indiana    
Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church (SBC) 600 E. Pennsylvania   [#23]
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 802 E. Douglas   [#23]
Shiloh Christian Fellowship Church (Interdenominational) 1604 N. Cunningham Ave.   [#23]
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (ALC) 2200 S. Philo Rd.   [#23]
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 708 W. Main St.   [#23]
Trinity Methodist Church Springfield & Mathews St. Established in 1891 [Ref #13]
Trinity Lutheran Church (LC-MS) 701 E. Florida   [#23]
Twin City Bible Church (Non-denominational) 810 W. Michigan   [#23]
Unitarian Universalist Church 309 W. Green St.   [#23]
United Methodist Church 2004 Philo Rd.   [#23]
United Methodist Church 205 N. Third St.   [#23]
United Pentecostal Church 1003 E. Illinois St.   [#23]
Unity Church of Champaign-Urbana 1206 E. Main St.   [#23]
Urbana Assembly of God Church 2502 S. Race St.    
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 1500 N. Lincoln Ave.   [#23]
Webber St. Christian Church (Church of Christ) 107 S. Webber St. Established in 1907 [#23]
Wesley United Methodist Church 1203 W. Green St.   [#23]

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