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Champaign County, Illinois

Lineages - Rhoades Family

Submitted by Celia Snyder

First Generation

1. Nicholas RHODES (RHOADES), 5G Grandfather. Born in England.[1] Nicholas died ca 1780.

In 1767, he acquired ownership of 126 acres in Frederick Co, MD from Gerard Hopkins, Jun., of Ann Arundel Co., for only five shillings Sterling money. The parcel of land was called "None Left" and he continued to own part of that land until his death, and apparently lived on the same land, near Hyattstown and on or very near the present Frederick/Montgomery Co. line. In 1776, Montgomery Co. was created by splitting off part of Frederick Co. Thus, the physical location of his home probably did not change, but the land (or probably his home and at least part of the land) was in the area becoming Montgomery Co.

His will is dated 5 Nov 1767 and mentions his wife, Jane, and three sons - John, Elisha and Nicholas. His will was probated in 15 Mar 1780 in Montgomery Co, MD.[2]

Nicholas married Jane, 5G Grandmother. They had the following children:
2 i. John (ca1756-<1838)
ii. Elisha, 5G Uncle. Born ca 1759.
3 iii. Nicholas (ca1761-1830)

Second Generation

2. John RHODES (RHOADES), 5G Uncle. Born ca 1756. John died bef 27 Nov 1838; he was 82.

John apparently inherited "None Left" on Nicholas' death in 1780. John continued to reside in the area until he died sometime prior to 1838.[2]

i. Honora, 1C5R. Honora died bef 27 Oct 1832. On 3 Feb 1807 Honora married Samuel CECIL.
ii. Mary, 1C5R. Mary died bef 27 Nov 1838. Mary married REZIN.
iii. Charlotte, 1C5R. Charlotte married William.
iv. Rhoda, 1C5R. Rhoda married Samuel.
v. Elisha, 1C5R.
vi. Martha, 1C5R. Martha married Henry.
vii. John, 1C5R.

3. Nicholas RHODES (RHOADES), GGGG Grandfather. Born ca 1761 in Maryland. Nicholas died in Clifton, Miami Township, Green Co, OH on 24 Jan 1830; he was 69. Buried in Clifton, Miami Township, Green Co, OH.

Must have been very young while serving as a ferrier in Lee's Legion (Col. Light Horse Harry Lee's Legion). Prior to Clifton, the family resided in Montgomery County, MD, very near (or on) the Frederick County line. They resided near the small town of Hyattstown. On a map you can quickly locate it along the main road midway between Frederick and Washington on the Montgomery/Frederick County line.[3]

He applied for his military pension on 5 Jan 1829. At that time he was residing in Miami Township, Green County, Ohio and was about 68 years old. A note in his file says: "In 1806 he was a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland." Col. Lee wrote two notes, to help Nicholas prove his service in the war which are included in his file.

Nicholas married Frances, GGGG Grandmother. Born ca 1765/1770. [Wife listed as Elizabeth Taylor in NSDAR 45408 - Phebe Rhodes Dresser, born in Urbana, IL; wife of Herman L. Dresser] They had the following children:
4 i. Walter (1795-1861)
ii. Mary Ann, GGGG Aunt. Mary Ann married Borter GIBSON.
iii. Elizabeth, GGGG Aunt. Elizabeth married Garrot GIBSON.
iv. John, GGGG Uncle.
v. Jane, GGGG Aunt. Jane married George SHAW.
vi. Baker, GGGG Uncle.
vii. Nancy, GGGG Aunt.
viii. Thomas, GGGG Uncle.

Third Generation

4. Walter RHOADES (RHODES), GGG Grandfather. Born on 27 Oct 1795. Walter died on 18 Jun 1861; he was 65. Walter served in the War of 1812 and the Black Hawk War.

"...early moved to the West, for a time living in Ohio, and in 1826 moved to Champaign county, Ill." "In 1824, just two years prior to his location in Illinois, he married Miss mary Rhinehart, and by her became the father of ten children..."

"With the exception of Frances, all the children were born in Champaign county, Illinois."[4]

On 2 Oct 1826 when Walter was 30, he married Mary Ann RINEHART[5, Rinehart Family Record, 1959, Ethel V. Taylor], GGG Grandmother, daughter of Mathias RINEHART (1782-) & Elizabeth MARCH, in Greene Co, OH.[6] Born on 24 Jan 1811 in MD. Mary Ann died in Jan 1872; she was 60. They had the following children:
5 i. Frances (1829-1862)
ii. Isaac R., GGG Uncle. Born ca 1833 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. Isaac R. married HEATER.
6 iii. Elizabeth R. (1834-)
iv. Eliza Ann, GGG Aunt. Born in 1835 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. Eliza Ann married Benjamin AYDLOTTE.
7 v. Mathias Perry (1838-1924)
8 vi. Nancy A. (1839-1909)
vii. John W., GGG Uncle. Born in 1841 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. John W. died aft 1861; he was 20. Soldier in the 39th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and died during the Civil War
viii. Mary E., GGG Aunt. Born in 1843. Mary E. married J. W. ADAMS.
9 ix. Phoebe (1849-)
x. Alfred, GGG Uncle. Born on 28 Aug 1851 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. Alfred died on 3 Feb 1928; he was 76.

Fourth Generation

5. Frances RHOADES (RHODES), GG Grandmother. Born on 31 Aug 1829 in IL. Frances died on 7 Mar 1862; she was 32.[5, Rinehart Family Record] On 19 Aug 1847 when Frances was 17, she married James W. BOYD, GG Grandfather, son of Stephen BOYD (17 Dec 1805-14 Aug 1873) & Jemima KITSON (ca 1804-1826), in Urbana, Champaign, IL. Born on 10 Sep 1825 in Shelby County, KY.[5, Listed as 10 sep 1825 in Rinehart Family Record] James W. died in Urbana, Champaign, IL on 14 Apr 1892; he was 66. Buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Mayview, Champaign, IL. Occupation: Farmer. They had the following children:
i. John W. (1849-<1928)
ii. Sarah (ca1851-)
iii. William M. (1851-1907)
iv. Mary Jemima (1853-1944)
v. Sarah E. (Maud) (1857-)
vi. Stephen P. (1859-1862)
vii. George A. (1861-1862)
viii. Alfred N. (1855-1876)

6. Elizabeth R. RHOADES (RHODES), GGG Aunt. Born in 1834 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. In 1854 when Elizabeth R. was 20, she married William Henry ADAMS. Born in 1833. They had one child:
i. Mima

7. Mathias Perry RHOADES (RHODES), GGG Uncle. Born on 22 Sep 1838 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. Mathias Perry died in Monroe, 4th Ward, Green Co, WI on 6 Nov 1924; he was 86. Buried on 9 Nov 1924 in Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Green Co, WI. Occupation: Farmer, Miller, Fruitgrower, Apiarist. Enlisted in 1862 in Co. H, 71st Illinois Volunteer Infantry (3 months). On 4 Mar 1863 when Mathias Perry was 24, he married Julia A. TRICKLE, daughter of Ashford TRICKLE & Eliza Jane MORTON, in Monroe, 4th Ward, Green Co, WI. They had the following children:
i. Phebe (1865-ca1901)
ii. Hattie (ca1866-)
iii. Orpha (1869-ca1947)
iv. Oren A. (1871-ca1910)
v. Byron Michael (1873-ca1947)
vi. Alice (1875-ca1901)
vii. Oliver P. (1877-ca1947)
viii. Barney Elmer (1880-)
ix. Effa L. (Effie) (1882-1982)
x. Myrtle (1884-ca1947)
xi. Walter H. (1887-1947)

8. Nancy A. RHOADES (RHODES), GGG Aunt. Born in 1839. Nancy A. died in 1909; she was 70. In 1859 when Nancy A. was 20, she married Jacob WINKLEMAN. Born in 1835 in Switzerland. Jacob died in 1901; he was 66. They had the following children:
i. Sarah Elizabeth (ca1860-)
ii. Frank (ca1861-)
iii. Cornelia (ca1863-)
iv. William (ca1867-)
v. George (ca1869-)
vi. Mary
vii. Dorothy

9. Phoebe RHOADES (RHODES), GGG Aunt. Born on 12 Apr 1849 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. DAR #45408. Phoebe married Herman DRESSER. They had one child:
i. Frances Ethel


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