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Champaign County, Illinois

Lineages - Schoone Family Genealogy

Submitted by LaNelle Elizabeth Schoon Phelps

My Schoon family was from Reepsholt, Ostfriesland, Germany and settled in Illinois. I live in Texas. In about 1640 my 8th great-grandfather, Borchard Schonen, was born in Aurich-Oldendorf, Germany. He married Mareycke (Marje) Meinen about 1659. They had my 7th great-grandfather, Christian Schonen, about 1676 in Bagband, Ostfriesland, Germany, (OSB Entry # Timmel 3765, Bagband 1943, Strackholt 2707, Rep. 138 I 2007). He married Altjen Hinrich about 1696 in Bagband and they had my 6th great-grandfather, Lorenz Christian Schone, born 25 Dec 1717 in Groefehn. He married Alke Jacobs 8 May 1737 in Timmel, Ostfriesland, Germany (OSB Entry # Timmel 3811, AO 3072). Their child was my 5th great-grandfather, Christian Lorenz Schone, born 13 Dec 1737 in Oldendorferfehn, Ostfriesland, Germany (OSB Entry # Timmel 3772, AO 3074, 3082, Reepsholt 5802, Leerhafe 4464). He married Hilke Albers 26 Oct 1759. Their child was my 4th great-grandfather, Jacob Christian Schone, born 1771 in Wiesede, Ostfriesland, Germany (OSB Entry # Stracholt 2697, Reepsholt 5804, Leerhafe 4474a). He married Hille Frerichs 11 Oct 1799 in Reepsholt, Germany. Their child was my 3rd great-grandfather, Christian Jacob Schone, born 22 Oct 1800 in Wiesede, Ostfriesland, Germany (OSB Entry # AO 3121, Strackholt 2685, Reepsholt 5806, Middels 3363). He married Ettje Hartmann 24 Jun 1827 in Reepsholt. She was born 21 Oct 1803 in Strackholt, Ostfriesland, Germany. Their child was my 2nd great-grandfather Gerd (George) Schoon, born 28 Mar 1828 in Wiesede, Ostfriesland, Germany (OSB Entry # Reepshold 5809). He married Sophia Catharina Behrends (b. 26 Mar 1828) in Reepshoult, Ostfriesland, Germany. Their child was my great-grandfather, Christian Schoone, Sr. (OSB Entry # Reepsholt 6815), born 12 Jan 1855 in Wiesederfehn, GErmany and was married to Hilke Margaretha (Mary) Monk (born 20 Dec 1847) from Moorstrich/Etzel, Germany and their chjild, my grandfather, John Herman (Johann Harms) Schoon from Reepshoult, Ostfriesland, Germany settled in Gifford, Illinois and married Elizabeth Anna Johnson. They had my father, Christian Edwin Schoon, Jr. (born 14 May 1907) in Gifford, Illinois and he married Allene Elizabeth Moran (born 7 Sep 1917) in Corpus Christi, Texas and they had me, LaNelle Elizabeth Schoon (born 7 Jan 1942) in Corpus Christi, Texas. Married to Larry Hobert Phelps (born 28 Feb 1946, no children) and my brother, John Edwin Schoon (boprn 4 Jul 1943) in San Antonio, Texas. He married JoAnn Rester and they had Susan Lee Schoon (born 13 Dec 1964, no children) and Steven Lee Schoon (born 24 Feb 1970). m Steven Lee Schoon married Sheron Yocum and they had Steven Wesley Schoon (born 19 Sep 1993) in Longview, Texas and he lives with his parents in Gilmer, Texas.

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