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Champaign County, Illinois

Lineages - McKinzie, Speedie, Armstrong, Homfeld Photos, pg. 1

Submitted by Allen F. Armstrong

103 East Chalmers, Champaign, IL. Home of the Speedie family in the 1930's. The house was razed (before 2001) and there is now an apartment on the lot.

708 East Oregon, Urbana, IL. The home was owned by Rev. James Manchester Gailey and his wife, Nancy Elizabeth Allen Gailey, who came to Urbana in 1904. L-R: Hortense Cunningham MacKenzie (later Mrs. John F. Homfeld), Louise O. Gailey (later Louise O. Gailey Cunningham, then MacKenzie), daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Gailey; David Duncan Allen, father of Nancy Allen Gailey; Florence Cunningham MacKenzie (later Mrs. Nathan Burt; Nancy Allen Gailey.

Andrew Chester Speedie, ca 1900. The Speedies were originally from Gibson City, IL, but Andrew and his wife, Anabel Thornton Speedie lived at the house on Chalmers. He was a carpenter and pattern maker for the University of Illinois and made many of the patterns for the Holland Tunnel, New York.

Anabel Thornton Speedie of Champaign with her prized Auburn or Packard automobile.

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