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Champaign County, Illinois

Lineages - Dunlop Family

Submitted by Quint Hart

James Dunlop

Upon the death of James Dunlop in Feb. 1894 the following resolutions of respect were drafted and sent to the Champaign county papers for publication by the Citizens association.
The Citizens' association met last Friday evening to take action upon the death of James Dunlop. The following resolutions were passed:
WHEREAS, In the death of James Dunlop the Citizens' association has lost one of its active members, the city of Urbana one of its oldest and most respected citizens, his family a loving husband and fond father. Therefore, be it
RESOLVED. By the members of this association here assembled, to tender to the bereaved family their sympathy, in this their sad bereavement, and commend them to look to HIM who ministers to all. Therefore,
RESOLVED, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased and also a copy be sent to the Champaign county papers for publication M Lowenstern
H. M. Russell
Samuel Watson

James Dunlop was born May 19, 1833 at Lodge Lane, Belfast Ireland. He was the son of James and Margaret Dunlop. His father and grandfather were both whip makers by trade.

In 1853, James and his brother, William, followed their Uncle John Dunlop to the United States. John Dunlap ( as he became known in Indiana) had settled in Perrysville, Indiana about 30 prior; and was well established as a merchant. He also had a business in Urbana
which he sent James and William along with his own son James R. to run. William and James R. returned to Perrysville. James remained in Urbana. He ran a business for many years. In the early seventies he began selling insurance, while studying law. In the early 80's he was admitted to the bar and engaged in the practice of law.

The local obituary states that" In his early manhood, Mr. Dunlop was hopeful, ambitious, and vivacious. His natural and abundant wit and humor made his presence welcome in any social circle and his native talent promised him a most successful future. His mind possessed traits rarely seen and led him to delight in the best English and American authors. In standard English poetry he was especially at home, and could quote freely from many authors in illustration of his thoughts. The poetry of Burns flowed easily from his lips to point a witticism or sarcasm and the tragedies of Shakespeare and Ben Jonson were equally at his command for illustration of his cohesions. In history and philosophy he took
much pleasure and read with interest such articles. As a consequence of being the possessor of a mind having these traits and characteristics, Mr. Dunlop was always a most interesting conversationalist. He could entertain a sage and the inconsiderate alike, and to the average man an hour with his in his better moods afforded an intellectual feast.

He was a devout Methodist.

At the formation of the republican party he ardently espoused that cause and continued to act with it until 1872 when he followed Greeley and since then has acted with the democratic party, whose candidate for sheriff he was in 1880, carrying the full vote of that party. At one time he represented Urbana upon the board of supervisors."

James married Anne E. Park, daughter of Joseph and Mary Hanes Park on March 25, 1858. They were the parents of 11 children.
Charles who went into the western states after receiving a degree from the U. of Ill. in mechanical engineering. He married Emma Barrett

Joseph who lived at least in the Denver area until 1910 nothing more is known of him
Clara who apparently married a man by the name of Shaw when she was about 17. He seems to have died as she is a widow of 18 in the 1880 fed census. She married W. T. Bruer and they lived in Springfield Missouri
Margaret and Fannie never married lived in Elgin, working at the Elgin watch factory there.
Anna moved to Denver became a school teacher and died very young
Gardner Park, who died of probably a ruptured appendix at age 6.

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