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Champaign County, Illinois

Lineages - Wilsons in Champaign County

Submitted by John Shaffer

Wilson Land Sales:

Harris Wilson, land sales, 1833.
Henry Wilson, land sale, 1831.
Hiram Wilson, land sales, 1837.
Richard Wilson, land sales, 1833.
Samuel Wilson, land sales, 1831/1833/1837.

I can find nothing on the above.

This clan is from William Wilson of Ohio, came to the U.S. in 1700's. Settled first in Wheeling W.V.

George E. Wilson, came from Ireland in 1834. Came to Champaign in 1835. This is my clan.

Andrew and Jane (Ray) Wilson clan, came to Champaign Co. in 1849.

William and Martha (Fulton) Wilson clan, came to Champaign Co. in 1866.

The last two may be related to each other. I have all the kids but have to put them in order.

George Wilson was born in September of 1802 in Ireland. George came to the United States in 1834 and died in Champaign County, Illinois in 1905 at the age of 103 years.

George Wilson married Rebecca Nox on 26 August 1841 in Champaign County, Illinois. They had the following children that I know of.

Martin Van Buren Wilson, born on 29 Jan. 1844 in Champaign County, Illinois and died about 8 Sept. 1937 in Sidney, Illinois. Martin married Lucy Lapsley of Pa. on 14 March 1866.

Mary Wilson was born in 1847 in Champaign Illinois.

George again married to Elizabeth (unknown) Wilson about 1853 in Champaign, Illinois. Elizabeth was born in 1833 in Pa. George and Elizabeth had the following children.

Sarah Wilson born in 1854 in Champaign County, Illinois.

George Wilson born in 1856 in Champaign County, Illinois.

William Wilson born in 1858 in Champaign County, Illinois.

Freeman K. Wilson born on 12 August 1861 in Sidney, Illinois. Freeman married Susie (Mulhall) Ford on 7 Sept. 1903 in Champaign County, Illinois.
Freeman died 6 July 1925 in Urbana, Illinois.

George Wilson again married Mary T. Burnett born in 1835 in Indiana and died in 1913 in Champaign County, Illinois. George and Mary had the following children.

James Wilson born in 1874 and died on 22 Sept. 1875 in Champaign County, Illinois.

Emma Wilson born in 1876 and died in 1939 in Champaign County, Illinois.

Most of this Wilson family are buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Sidney, Illinois.

This information may change some as new documents come in.

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