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Champaign County, Illinois

Lineages - James Family

Submitted by Robin Bango

This is a transcription of an autograph book presented to Chauncey Thomas JAMES of Thomasboro, IL on his 17th birthday on 6 Aug 1886. It was given to him on 6 Aug 1886 and has 29 poems and signatures in it from people from around
Champaign and Stanton, Illinois. I have tried to transcribe it exactly as written, mispellings and all with any notes in parenthesis.
Presented To Chaucy James
By his friend
G K Ray
Aug 6th 1886
May 8th, 1892.
Dear Friend
Once to knit and spin was a girls employment
but now to dress and have a beau is all a girls enjoyment
Your Friend Cora Arie (not sure of last name)
Forget me not.
Dear Chancy,
Just as bent the little twig
so will the tree be when grown big.
Yours truly
Lloyde Clements (Harry Lloyde "Babe" Clements, this is written when he is approximately 5 years old)
Sep. 12, 1886.
Friend, Chauncy,
Whatever be in life your lot.
I ask of you for get me Not.
Your Friend Retta Kirby
Please accept these maxims and the best wishes of
Your Friend and Teacher
Cora E. Pheuicie
Jan 26 '87.
Urbana, Ill.
Friend Chauncey:
Cares grow light where we trust in Jesus.
Honesty is a man's best safe-guard.
A fault confessed is lessened half.
Use every opportunity for a good education.
Never fear to say "No" when tempted.
Caution is best in all you say.
Even riches cannot purchase happiness.
You must respect yourself and others will respect you.
Thomasboro Ill
May 15 1887
Friend Chaucey
Tis sweet to love
But Oh how bitter
To love a girl and not git her
Yours Truleys
Nannie Nicewander (Her brother Oscar Nicewander married Chauncey's sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" James on 18 Jun 1893)
Thomasboro Ill
Nov 18, 1890
Friend Chaucey
When you are old and can not see.
Put on your specs an think of me
Yours truley
Lloyde Clements (Harry Lloyde "Babe" Clements)
Penfield Ill
Sep 12 1886
Mr James,
As you glide down the river of time, in your little canoe,
oh may you have a pleasant trip, and plenty of room for two.
Mary Miller
"Stanton, Ill."
"Friend Chauncy"
"When far away and friends are few,
Think of me and I will you.
Your Friend and School-mate.
Dora Bell Renfro."
Dec. 18, 1886
Friend Chauncy:
May your path be strewed with roses.
Fair and flowery to the end
And when your body in death reposes
May your maker be your friend
Your Friend and Schoolmate
J. D. Kendrick
Forget me not
"Stanton Ill"
Friend Chauncey: Dear Brother.
I write not here for beauty
I write not here for fame
I write to be remembered
And here I write my name.
"Your Sister"
"Lizzie James" (Elizabeth "Lizzie" James)
"Remember me"
Jan. 24, 1887
remember me.
Jan 27 1887
Dear Chaucy
When you get old
And cannot see.
Put on your specks
And think of me.
Your Friend and schoolmate
Willie Butler
For get me not
Thomasboro Ill.
May you be blessed with sweet content,
And in prosperity your life be spent.
May health and peace with you reside,
And reason ever be your guide.
G. W. Dale
Jan 25th 87,
Friend Chauncey,
True friends are like diamonds
Precious but rare
False ones like autumn leaves
Found every where
Your Friend
And Schoolmate
Nettie Teteman (not sure of last name)

Remember me
Jan 26 1887
Dear Chaucy,
In a far and distant land
you can see the wrighting of my hand
But thou my face you can not see
Remember friend Remember me
Your Friend And Schoolmate
Mae Butler
Stanton Ills
Jan 26, 1888
Dear Chans
Remember me at morning
Remember me at nite
Remember me at all times
And don't forget to write
Your Cousin
Rosella James
York School
Forget Me Not
Jan 25 1887
Urbana Ills
"Complements of your Friend and Schoolmate,"
Cora Pheuicie,"
Oct 9.
Remember me you may you must
As long as you can gnaw a crust
And when you can no longer bite
For-get-me if you think it right
Howard Shaff.
January 26, 1887.
Friend Chauncy.
Remember me when this you see.
Though many a mile apart we be.
This little verse will bring to view.
The happy hours ever spent at School.
Your Schoolmate and Friend.
Friend Chaucy
Rember this and bair in
Mind that a friend is hard to find
when you find one kind and tru
don't trad the old for the new
Yore friend Willis Case
March 13th 1887,
Dear Brother
This time album may it be
A source of happiness to thee
And may each page that's written
O'er be better than the one before
Your Sister
"Carrie Kirby" (Carrie James married Josephus Kirby on 9 Nov 1884)
Forget me not
March 13th, '87,
Dear Chaucy,
Remember me
And don't forget
You have a
Friend in
Illinois yet.
Your niece
Effie T.
Stanton Ills.
Forget me not
Friend Chauncy:
Champaign City Ill.,
These humbel lines, which here I trace
Years may not change nor time efface
They may be read though valued not
When she who wrote them is forgot.
Mae Ingrum
New Years Day
Thomasboro Ills.
A beautiful life
Ends not in death
Your friend
Fannie C (Fannie Clements married Chauncey James later that year on 18 Oct 1893)
Wauneta Neb.
Nov 25 1888
Compliment of your Friend
J W Shaff
Jan 6th 1888
In this book so pure and white:
None but friends should ever write.
In this lonely little spot.
"I will write, for-get-me not."
A Friend,
Minnie Shaff.
Stanton Ill.
Nov. 30, 1890
Dear Friend, Chauncy
Remember life is what we make it
Our future happiness depends much on
Our present decision of will. Then
let us be very carfull to allways
will to do rite, never enter upon any
important business with out good council
Your Aunt
Rebecca Sellers (Rebecca James married Lafayette Marcus Sellers on 10 May 1849)
Nov. the 30 1890
Lamar Mo
When in some far and distant spot
Tis my request for get me not
Your Cousin
Lucy Bryan
Barton Co
Compliments of Your Friend
Maggie Applegate.
May 8th, 1892
Thomasboro City


The children of Mrs. Almeda James wish to thank their many neighbors and friends, also Dr. Exton and especially the telephone operators both night and day who rendered services during the sickness and death of our mother.
Addie Funkhouser,
Alice Frazier
Carrie Kirby
Chauncey James
Lizzie Nicewander
George James
Hugh James

The name and date of newspaper have been cut off, but Almeda (Ransdell) James died on 25 Mar 1921 in Rantoul, Champaign Co, IL.

Lulu Bess "Betty" (James) ELLIS

43 2394
OCT 20, 1896
DEC 7, 1962

From her tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. Betty James Ellis was a teacher in Champaign Co, IL from at least 1919-1930.

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