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Champaign County, Illinois

Church Listings


(All telephone numbers have the area code - 217)

ACTS United Pentecostal Church 1003 E. Illinois St. Urbana 384-2287 Pentecostal
All Souls Presbyterian 1001 S. Wright St. Champaign 766-2006 Presbyterian
Allerton United Methodist Church 103 Elm St. Broadlands 834-3137 Methodist United
Alpha & Omega Church Of Jesus Christ 400 W. Bradley Ave. Champaign 398-6745 Apostolic
American Lutheran Church 500 Church Dr. Rantoul 893-4550 Lutheran
Apostolic Christian Church 1401 Devonshire Dr. Champaign 351-3003 Apostolic
Apostolic Faith Church 110 Bellefontaine St. Champaign 352-2383 Pentecostal
Apostolic Life U P C 2107 N. High Cross Rd. Urbana 367-5433 Pentecostal
Baha'i Center 807 E. Green St. Urbana 337-1808 Baha'i Center
Baptist Church Pennsylvania Avenue SBC 600 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Urbana 367-5924 Baptist-Southern Baptist Convention
Barnhart Karen Rev 514 E. Daniel St. Champaign 344-5091 Church Of Christ
Bethany Park Christian Church Disciplies Of Christ 1401 E. Grove Ave. Rantoul 893-3661 Christian-Disciples Of Christ
Bethel AME Church 401 E. Park Ave. Champaign 356-0323 African Methodist Episcopal
Bethel Church Mahomet & Christian Academy 700 W. Main St. Mahomet 586-3088
Bible Baptist Church 4001 W. Kirby Ave. Champaign 359-3021 Baptist-Independent
Bible Baptist Church 201 N. Century Blvd. Rantoul 893-3888 Baptist-Independent
Birchwood Baptist Church 4109 Colleen Dr. Champaign 337-4952 Baptist-Southern Baptist convention
Calvary Baptist Church 2106 E. Windsor Rd. Urbana 367-2262 Baptist
Calvary Chapel Champaign Champaign 356-6507 Non-Denominational
Campus Crusade for Christ-New Temp Sight 303 W. Green St. Champaign 352-3005 Evangelical Free Church Of America
Canaan Baptist Church 402 W. Main St. Urbana 367-2158 Baptist-Missionary
Center Of Hope Church 409 E. Grove St. Champaign 352-2092 Pentecostal
Central Illinois Mosque & Islamic Center 106 S. Lincoln Ave. Urbana 344-1555 Islamic
Champaign Alliance Church 1401 W. John St. Champaign 359-6847 Christian & Missionary Alliance
Champaign Chinese Christian Church        
Champaign Church Of Christ 724 Higgins Rd. Champaign 398-0055 Church Of Christ
Champaign Seventh Day Adventist Church 308 S. Mattis Ave. Champaign 356-1013 Seventh Day Adventist
Chapel Of St. John The Divine Episcopal 1011 S. Wright St. Champaign 344-1924 Episcopal
Charismatic Episcopal Church 803 Kettering Pk Urbana 344-7322 Episcopal
Christ Unity Church 1206 E. Main St. Urbana 328-6963 Non-Denominational
Christian Campus Fellowshi-Campus House 810 W. Oregon St. Urbana 344-5711 Christian
Christian Life Community Church 300 N. Maplewood Dr. Rantoul 892-8620
Christ's Family Lutheran Church LCMS 405 S. Division St. Mahomet 586-7022 Lutheran Missouri Synod
Church Of Christ 127 W. Campbell Ave. Rantoul 892-4980 Church Of Christ
Church Of Christ 1902 Co Rd 3000 North Rantoul 892-2527 Church Of Christ
Church Of Christ 226 E. Sherman St. St. Joseph 469-2207 Church Of Christ
Church Of Christ 2601 S. Philo Rd. Urbana 344-1659 Church Of Christ
Church Of Christ-Northside W. Anthony Dr.1700 Champaign 359-2731 Church Of Christ
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints 604 W. Windsor Ave. Champaign 359-0872 Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints-Family History Resource Center

604 W. Windsor Ave. Champaign 352-8063 Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints 2979 Co Rd 1800 East Rantoul 892-4748 Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints 402 S. Lincoln Ave. Urbana 384-2020 Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
Church Of Scientology Mission of Champaign-Urbana 312 W. John St. Champaign 352-6464
Church Of The Brethren 1210 N. Neil St. Champaign 356-3852 Brethren
Church Of The Living God Pillar Ground Of The Truth 1109 N. 4th St. Champaign 359-6920 Church Of God
Church Of The Nazarene 603 Grove Ave. Rantoul 892-9303 Nazarene
Community Evangelical Free Church 908 N. Prospect Champaign 352-3005 Evangelical
Community Free Church 102 River Bend Blvd., P.O. Box 415 Mahomet 586-5165 Evangelical Free Church Of America
Community United Church Of Christ 805 S. 6th St. Champaign 344-5091 United Church Of Christ
Congregational Christ Church Champaign 351-7777 Non-Denominational
Countryside United Methodist Church And Parsonage 990 Co Rd 1800 East Urbana 684-2422 Methodist United
Covenant Fellowship Church 201 W. Springfield Ave., P.O. Box 2754 Champaign 366-0140 Non-Denominational
Crossroads Campus Church 912 W. Sprngfield Ave. Urbana 337-1681 Assemblies of God
Crossroads Free Will Baptist Church 1508 N. Ridgeway Ave. Champaign 239-2880 Baptist-Free Will
Crusaders Church 2111 Willow Rd. Urbana 344-5540
Curtis Road Church Of God 2604 W. Curtis Rd. Champaign 359-8285 Church Of God
Deliverance Temple Apostolic Church Inc. 507 Phillips Dr. Champaign 355-9161 Apostolic
Dewey Mennonite Church 16 3rd St. Dewey 897-6488 Mennonite
Disciples Of Christ Community Church 702 E. Mumford Dr. Urbana 367-0421 Christian-Disciples Of Christ
Dublin Street Church Of Christ 1402 W. Dublin St. Urbana 367-4867 Church Of Christ
East Bend Mennonite Church 702 Co Rd 3300 North P.O. Box 520 Fisher 897-6386 Mennonite
Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church 102 N. State St. Champaign 352-9827 Episcopal
Faith Apostolic 214 W. Flessner Ave. Rantoul 893-1291 Apostolic-Pentecostal
Faith Baptist Church Office 4601 N. Market St. Champaign 367-9918 Baptist-Independent
Faith Missionary Baptist Church 407 S. Main St. St. Joseph 469-7344 Baptist-Missionary
Faith United Methodist Church 1719 S. Prospect Ave. Champaign 359-3631 Methodist United
First Assembly Of God Church 1934 Co Rd. 3000 North Rantoul 892-8485 Assemblies of God
First Baptist Church 402 S. Elm St. Mahomet 586-3304 Baptist
First Baptist Church 401 N. Glenwood Dr. Rantoul 892-2667 Baptist
First Baptist Church 204 W. Holden St. Tolono 485-8710 Baptist
First Baptist Church Of Champaign 1602 N. Prospect Ave. Savoy 352-2240 Baptist-American
First Baptist Church Of Urbana 202 W. Illinois St. Urbana 367-7016 Baptist-American
First Christian Church 3601 S. Staley Rd. Champaign 356-1649 Christian
First Church Of Christ Scientist Of Champaign 602 W. Church St. Champaign 356-1125 Christian Science
First Church of Christ, Scientist — Urbana 501 W. Oregon St. Urbana 367-7305 Christian Science
First Church Of God 701 S. Duncan Rd. Champaign 352-6672 Church Of God-Anderson Indiana
First Mennonite Church 902 W. Springfield Ave. Urbana 367-5353 Mennonite
First Presbyterian Church of Urbana 602 W. Green St. Urbana 367-8357 Presbyterian
First Presbyterian Church-Champaign 302 W. Church St. Champaign 356-7238 Presbyterian
First United Methodist Church Of Champaign 210 W. Church St. Champaign 356-9078 Methodist United
First United Methodist Church Of Rantoul 200 S. Century Blvd. Rantoul 892-2130 Methodist United
First United Methodist Church Of Urbana 304 S. Race St. Urbana 367-8384 Methodist United
First Wesleyan Church 408 E. Illinois St. Urbana 367-4566 Wesleyan
Fisher Community Church 205 S. 3rd St. Fisher 897-6853
Fountain Of Life Family Fellowship 102 E. Main St. Tolono 485-4165 Full Gospel
Friendship Lutheran Church Of Joy 3601 S. Duncan Rd. Champaign 355-0454 Lutheran Missouri Synod
Garden Hills Baptist Church-Southern 1601 W. Bloomington Rd. Champaign 356-0891 Baptist-Southern Baptist Convention
Gifford Baptist Church Gifford Baptist
Gifford United Methodist Church 351 W. Plum St. Gifford 568-7700 Methodist United
Glory Center International 606 N. Country Fair Dr. Champaign 355-5008  
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church ELCA 2101 S. Prospect Ave. Champaign 352-1732 Lutheran-ELCA
Grace Baptist Church 800 W. Oak St. Mahomet 586-4331 Baptist
Grace Baptist Church 120 Brady Ln. Urbana 384-2988 Baptist-Independent
Grace Bible Church P.O. Box 303 Urbana 384-7614 Independent Fundamental
Grace Community Church 1401 Regency Dr. E Savoy 373-1271 Non-Denominational
Grace Lutheran Church ELCA 313 S. Prospect Ave. Champaign 356-6232 Lutheran-ELCA
Grace United Methodist Church 2004 S. Philo Rd. Urbana 328-1414 Methodist United
Greater Holy Temple Church 1409 W. Dublin St. Urbana 384-1069 Pentecostal
Grove Street Church Of God In Christ 501 E. Grove St. Champaign 359-3821 Church Of God In Christ
Harvest Church 2118 Cindy Lynn St. Urbana 328-7711 Charismatic
Hessel Park Christian Reformed Church 700 W. Kirby Ave. Champaign 356-3177 Christian Reformed
Holy Cross Catholic Church 405 W. Clark St. Champaign 352-8748 Catholic
Homer Church Of Christ Homer 896-2332 Church Of Christ
Homer Presbyterian Church 201 N. Main Homer 896-2533 Presbyterian
Homer United Methodist Church 301 S. Main St. Homer 896-2038 Methodist United
Iglesia Christiana San Pablo 1719 S. Prospect Champaign 369-5896  
Illini For Christ 610 S. 6th St. Champaign 328-0040 Church Of Christ
Illini Life Christian Fellowship 502 E. John St. Champaign 344-6000 Non-Denominational
Immanuel Lutheran Church Of Flatville 2498 Co Rd 2100 East Thomasboro 694-4156 Lutheran
Immanuel Lutheran Church Of Flatville 2401 Co Rd 400 North Broadlands 834-3121 Lutheran Missouri Synod
Immanuel Lutheran Of Osman 942 Grape Ave. Fisher 897-6170 Lutheran Missouri Synod
Immanuel Southern Baptist Church Ofc 12081 Eater Dr. Rantoul 893-3778 Baptist-Southern Baptist Convention
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 605 E. Green St. Champaign 367-5198  
Iroquois River District Office 2509 S. Neil St. Champaign 359-0640 Methodist United
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall 2602 W. Bloomington Rd. Champaign 359-3134 Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall 1407 Scovill St. Urbana 328-3867 Jehovah's Witnesses
Jericho Missionary Baptist Church 801 Killarny St. Urbana 328-2352 Baptist-Missionary
Korean Church 608 W. Green St. Urbana 367-4172 Presbyterian
Korean Jesus Love United Methodist Church 1203 W. Green St. Urbana 417-4461 Methodist
Korean New Life Church 906 N. Broadway Ave. Urbana 367-0045
Lake Of The Woods Community Church 910 S. Trailside Mahomet 586-5805 Assemblies of God
LDS Missionary 219 W. Belle Ave. Rantoul 892-5830 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Liberty Temple Church Of God In Christ 1218 Holiday Dr. Champaign 351-3546 Church of God In Christ
Living Faith Ministries 1213 Hagan St. Champaign 355-1541  
Living Hope Foursquare Church 2101 E. Washington St. Urbana 367-3072 Foursquare Gospel
Living Word Fellowship Church 1000 Park Ave. St. Joseph 469-7410 Non-Denominational
Lutheran Church Of Mahomet 410 E. Andover Dr. Mahomet 586-4786 Lutheran-ELCA
Macedonia Baptist Church 808 N. 4th St. Champaign 351-8234 Baptist
Mahomet Christian Church 908 N. Lake of the Woods Rd. Mahomet 586-3095 Christian
Mahomet Church Of The Nazarene 702 N. Turkey Farm Rd. Mahomet 586-4434 Nazarene
Mahomet Foursquare Church 200 W. Washington St. Mahomet 586-2224 Full Gospel
Mahomet United Methodist Church 1302 E S Mahomet Rd. Mahomet 586-2147 Methodist United
Maranatha Baptist Church 122 S. Chanute St. Rantoul 893-9449 Baptist
Mattis Avenue Free Methodist Church 1913 S. Mattis Ave. Champaign 355-5947 Methodist Free
McKinley Memorial Presbyterian Church Corner of Fifth and John Champaign 344-0297 Presbyterian
Meadowbrook Community Church 1902 S. Duncan Rd. Champaign 351-3019 Assemblies of God
Messiah Free Lutheran Church 308 S. Mattis Ave. Champaign 355-4942 Lutheran
Morning Star Free Will Baptist Church 1402 Eads St. Urbana 367-5912 Baptist
Mt. Olive Baptist Church 808 E. Bradley Ave. Champaign 352-7713 Baptist
Mt. Vernon United Methodist 2201 Co Rd 900 East Champaign 359-6183 Methodist United
Nazarene Champaign First Church Of The 2403 W. Kirby Ave. Champaign 352-8500 Nazarene
Nazarene Church Ogden 206 N. Market St. Ogden 582-2200 Nazarene
New Birth Missionary Baptist 1402 W. Hill St. Urbana 337-1727 Baptist
New Covenant Fellowship 124 W. White St. Champaign 355-2038 Non-Denominational
New Faith Tabernacle 1 Apricot Dr. Champaign 359-6909 Independent
New Free Will Baptist Church 601 E. Grove Ave. Champaign 355-2385 Baptist-Free Will
New Hope Church Of God In Christ 911 W. Bradley Ave. Champaign 352-0911 Church Of God In Christ
New Horizon United Methodist Church 2901 Watterson Ct. Champaign 359-8909 Methodist United
New Life Christian Fellowship 1211 E. Kerr Ave. Urbana 384-5370 Full Gospel
New Life Of Champaign U P C 1511 N. McKinley Ave. Champaign 351-6966 Pentecostal
New Light Baptist Church 1500 Sheppard Dr. Rantoul 893-8342 Baptist
Old Landmark Church Of God In Christ 1001 N. James St. Champaign 352-6632 Church Of God In Christ
Our Lady Of The Lake 501 W. State St. Mahomet 586-5153 Catholic
Park Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church 212 W. Park Ave. Champaign 398-6120 Seventh Day Adventist
Pastoral Care And Counseling 1701 S. Prospect Ave. Champaign 356-4357
Peace Lutheran Church 200 W. Arnold St. Thomasboro 643-3265 Lutheran Missouri Synod
Philo Presbyterian Church 105 E. Jefferson St. Philo 684-2317 Presbyterian
Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church 1310 N. 6th St. Champaign 356-9633 Baptist
Prairie Zen Center 515 S. Prospect Ave. Champaign 355-8835 Buddhist
Presbyterian Church Rt. 136 East Rantoul 892-8102 Presbyterian
Presbyterian Church 104 S. Vine St. Tolono 485-3725 Presbyterian
Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church 802 E. Douglas St. St. Joseph 469-7422 Lutheran-ELCA
Quest United Methodist Church See Web Site   328-1445  
Rantoul Christian Church 3105 Co Rd. 1700 East Rantoul 893-1290 Christian
Rantoul United Pentecostal Church 410 Cuppernell Ave. Rantoul 892-9144 Pentecostal United
Restoration Manor 1207 N. Mattis Ave. Champaign 398-9033
Restoration Urban Ministries 1213 Parkland Ave. Champaign 355-2662
River Valley Church Of Christ Rt 136 East & Pickett St. Fisher 897-1260 Church Of Christ
Salem Baptist Church 500 E. Park Ave. Champaign 356-8176 Baptist
Salvation Army The 502 N. Prospect Ave. Champaign 373-7832 Salvation Army
Sangamon Valley Christian Center 200 W. Washington St. Mahomet 586-5875 Foursquare Gospel
Savoy United Methodist Church 3002 W. Old Church Rd. Champaign 352-3993 Methodist
Sidney Christian Church 305 E. Main St. Sidney 688-2224 Christian
Sidney United Church 501 E. Main St. Sidney 688-2295 United Church Of Christ
Sinai Temple 3104 W. Windsor Rd. Champaign 352-8140 Synagogue-Reform
St. Andrew's Lutheran Church 909 S. Wright St. Champaign 344-1593 Lutheran-ELCA
St. Boniface Catholic Church 416 Co Rd 1100 North Seymour 863-2190 Catholic
St. Charles Borromeo Church 110 S. East St. Homer 896-2629 Catholic
St. Christopher Episcopal Church 1501 E. Grove Ave. Rantoul 892-2476 Episcopal
St. Elizabeth 100 Church St. Thomasboro 643-3395 Catholic
St. John Lutheran Church Royal 583-3295 Lutheran
St. John The Divine Corner of Wright & Armory Sts. Champaign 344-1924 Episcopal
St. John's Catholic Chapel 604 E. Armory Ave. Champaign 344-1184 Catholic
St. John's Lutheran Church Sidney 745-2324 Lutheran
St. John's Lutheran Church & School-Missouri Synod 509 S. Mattis Ave. Champaign 359-1123 United Brethren
St. Joseph United Methodist Church 205 N. 3rd St. St. Joseph 469-2515 Methodist United
St. Lawrence Church 302 S. Main St. Penfield 595-5560 Catholic
St. Luke Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 809 N. 5th St. Champaign 356-4922 Christian Methodist Episcopal
St. Mary Catholic Church 612 E. Park Ave. Champaign 352-8364 Catholic
St. Matthew Catholic Church 1303 Lincolnshire Dr. Champaign 359-4224 Catholic
St. Matthew Lutheran Church 2200 S. Philo Rd. Urbana 367-1189 Lutheran-ELCA
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church 312 W. Elm St. Urbana 485-5670 Orthodox
St. Patrick's Church 708 W. Main St. Urbana 367-2665 Catholic-Roman
St. Paul Lutheran Church & School 101 E. Church St. Sadorus 598-2259 Lutheran Missouri Synod
St. Paul's Lutheran Church-Gifford 108 E. Church Gifford 568-7196 Lutheran-ELCA
St. Peter's United Church Of Christ 905 S. Russell St. Champaign 356-3635 United Church Of Christ
St. Thomas Parish 310 E. Madison St. Philo 684-2571 Catholic
Star Of Bethlehem Lutheran Church-WELS 1717 S. Philo Rd. (Suite 20) Sunny Crest Mall Urbana 384-8920 Lutheran Wisconsin Evangelical Synod
Stone Creek Church 2502 S. Race St. Urbana 344-5455  
Stratford Park Bible Chapel 2801 W. Kirby Ave. Champaign 356-5341 Bible
Temple Baptist Church 1100 Broadmoor Dr. Champaign 356-5685 Baptist-Southern Baptist Convention
Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church 2010 Thee Hierarchs Ct. Champaign 352-3452 Greek Orthodox
Tolono United Methodist Church 301 N. Bourne St. Tolono 485-3610 Methodist United
Trinity Lutheran Church Missouri Synod 701 E. Florida Ave. Urbana 367-8923 Lutheran Missouri Synod
Twin City Apostolic Church Of God 301 Thompson St. Urbana 328-9844 Apostolic
Twin City Bible Church 810 W. Michigan Ave. Urbana 344-0641 Bible
Unitarian Universalist Church 309 W. Green St. Urbana 384-8862 Unitarian Universalist
United Methodist Church 101 E. Sangamon St. Fisher 897-1581 Methodist United
United Methodist Church 105 W. Main, P.O. Box 37 Ogden 582-2840 Methodist United
United Methodist Church Sadorus 598-2969 Methodist United
United Methodist Church 402 Graham Dr. Savoy 352-3993 Methodist United
United Pentecostal Tabernacle 1705 Sangamon Dr. Champaign 356-0858 Pentecostal
Unity Baptist Church 404 S. Duncan Rd. Champaign 378-5278 Baptist
University Baptist Church 314 E. Daniel St. Champaign 344-0484 Baptist
University Lutheran Church-Student Center 604 E. Chalmers St. Champaign 344-1558 Lutheran Missouri Synod
University Place Christian Church 403 S. Wright St. Champaign 352-5118 Christian-Disciples Of Christ
Urbana Assembly Of God 2502 S. Race St. Urbana 344-5455 Assemblies of God
Urbana-Champaign Friends Meeting 1904 E. Main St. Urbana 328-5853 Friends (Quakers)
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 1500 N. Lincoln Ave. Urbana 384-3070 Non-Denominational
Webber Street Church Of Christ 107 S. Webber St. Urbana 328-3497 Christian
Wesley United Methodist Church at the UI 1203 W. Green St. Urbana 344-1120 Methodist United
Westminster Presbyterian Church 1700 Crescent Dr. Champaign 352-3387 Presbyterian
Westside Church 1501 W. Park St. Champaign 356-7121 Non-Denominational
Westside Church Of The Nazarene 922 W. Eureka St. Champaign 356-4747 Nazarene
Windsor Road Christian Church 2501 W. Windsor Rd., P.O. Box 6027 Champaign 359-2122 Christian
Zion Lutheran Church 101 E. Van Buren St. Philo 684-2814 Lutheran-ELCA

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