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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 2

Babb, James E. Homer Sec. 7 Col. Pupil Jacksonville, Ill. Champaign Co., Ill. 1863
Babb, Milton Died January 1868 Father of J. E. Babb Hartley Co., Va. 1854
Baird, L. W. Ogden Ogden Far. Lumber Dealer, Undertaker Fayette Co., Ill. 1870
Baird, Mrs. Lucy J. Ogden Ogden Wife of L. W. Baird Dayton, Oh. 1870
Baker, Mrs. Eliza B. Rantoul Sec. 14 Wife of W. W. Baker Green Co., Ill. 1865
Baker, Mrs. S. Savoy Sec. 1 Wife of N. G. Baker New York 1870
Baker, N. G. Savoy Sec. 1 Farmer New York 1868
Baker, W. W. Rantoul Sec. 14 Farmer New York 1860
Banner, Mrs. Jerusha Fisher Sec. 17 Wife of W. H. Banner Licking Co., Oh. 1867
Banner, W. H. Fisher Sec. 17 Farmer and Stock Dealer Franklin Co., Oh. 1861
Bartley, James St. Joseph Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Pickaway Co., Oh. 1832
Bartley, Mrs. M. J. St. Joseph Sec. 23 Wife of J. Bartley Lewis Co., Ky. 1831
Batey, Mrs. S. J. Died March 1877 Wife of Rev. T. O. C. Batey Yorkshire Eng. 1877
Batey, Rev. Tho. O. C. Urbana Urbana United Brethren Clergyman Durham Co. Eng. 1877
Barnes, C. P. Gifford Sec. 2 Farmer Warren Co., N.J. 1865
Barnes, Mrs. Ann E. Gifford Sec. 2 Wife of C. P. Barnes Pennsylvania 1865
Barnes, Mrs. Nancy Gifford Sec. 10 Wife of T. P. Barnes Warren Co., N.J. 1865
Barnes, T. P. Gifford Sec. 10 Farmer Warren Co., N.J. 1865
Barricklow, Charles A. Mayview Mayview Gen. Merchnt & Agt. &c. Coles Co., Ill. 1866
Barricklow, John T. Mayview Sec. 18 Farmer and Merchant Indiana 1854
Beal, Edmun Joseph Rantoul Sec. 7 Farmer Mason Co., Ill. 1872
Bear, Augustus Ludlow Ludlow Grocery Merchant Switzerland 1856
Bear, Mrs. Matilda Ludlow Ludlow Wife of A. Bear Germany 1858
Beasley, James N. Champaign Sec. 1 Farmer and Stock Trader Champaign Co., Ill. 1847
Beasley, Thomas C. Champaign Sec. 1 Farmer and Stock Raiser Brown Co., Oh. 1857
Beatty, Calvin McLean Co. Sec. 5 Farmer and Stock Raiser New Jersey 1869
Beatty, Mrs. Ella McLean Co. Sec. 5 Wife of Calvin Beatty New Jersey 1869
Beavers, James Parkville Sec. 30 Farmer Champaign Co., Ill. 1848
Behrens, Henry Behrens Behrens Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1870
Behrens, Mrs. Mary Behrens Behrens Wife of Henry Behrens Germany 1871
Beisser, F. A. Champaign Sec. 24 Market Gardener Prussia 1855
Beisser, Mrs. Amelia Champaign Sec. 24 Wife of F. A. Beisser Prussia 1839
Bell, C. H. Tolono Tolono General Merchant Hampshire Co., Md. 1860
Bell, J. W. Urbana Sec. 26 Farmer and Stock Raiser Harrison Co., Ky 1855
Bell, Mrs. E. J. Urbana Sec. 26 Wife of T. W. Bell Harrison Co., Ky. 1855
Bellinger, J. A. Mahomet Sec. 14 Farmer & Breeder Pure Blood Champn Co, N.Y. 1855
Bellinger, Mrs. Eleanor Mahomet Sec. 14 Wife of J. A. Bellinger Champaign Co., Ill. 1842

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