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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 7

Chester, H. Sadorus Sec. 19 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., Oh. 1865
Chester, H. W. Champaign Sec. 27 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., Oh. 1874
Chester, Mrs. M. Sadorus Sec. 19 Wife of H. Chester Franklin Co., Oh. 1865
Chester, Mrs. V. S. Champaign Sec. 14 Wife of E. 0. Chester New York 1858
Chism, Mrs. Margaret Fisher Sec. 20 Wife of Thomas J. Chism Butler Co., Oh. 1861
Chism, Thomas T. Fisher Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Logan Co., Oh. 1854
Churchill, J. W. Sidney Sec. 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Courtland Co., N.Y. 1859
Churchill, Mrs. A. J. Sidney Sec. 33 Wife of J. W. Churchill Henry Co., Ky. 1863
Clancy, Martin Urbana Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Co. Cork, Ireland 1866
Clancy, Mrs. Bridget Urbana Sec. 23 Wife of M. Clancy Co. Mead, Ireland 1864
Clappen, Mrs. Frances Mahomet Sec. 36 Wife of S. M. Clappen Ohio 1856
Clappen, S. M. Mahomet Sec. 36 Farmer and Stock Raiser Blair Co., Pa. 1856
Clark, Erastus J. St. Joseph Sec. 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Tippecanoe Co., Ind 1856
Clark, J. B. Seymour Seymour Physician & Surgeon Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 1856
Clark, John Gifford Sec. 7 Farmer and Stock Raiser Scotland 1868
Clark, Mrs. E. Seymour Seymour Wife of J. B. Clark Ohio 1858
Clark, Mrs. Jane Gifford Sec. 6 Wife of John Clark Scotland 1868
Clark, Mrs. Maria J. St. Joseph Sec. 33 Wife of Erastus J. Clark Pickaway Co., Oh. 1850
Clayton, E. K. Urbana Sec. 35 Foreman in Blacksmith Shop Cbeshire, England 1871
Clayton, Mrs. Anna Urbana Sec. 35 Wife of E. K. Clayton Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1871
Clements, John H. Thomasboro Thomasboro Blacksmith Gallatin Co., Ky. 1860
Clements, Mrs. Laura Thomasboro Thomasboro Wife of John H. Clements Warren Co., Oh. 1870
Clevenger, Henry A. Seymour Sec. 27 Farmer & Stock Breeder. Monmouth Co., N. J. 1867
Clevenger, Mrs. M. M. Seymour Sec. 27 Wife of Henry A. Clevenger Shelby Co., Oh. 1867
Clift, L. B. Urbana Sec. 28 Farmer and Stock Raiser Belmont Co., Oh. 1856
Clift, Mrs. Jennie Urbana Sec. 28 Wife of W. A. Clift Polk Co., Tenn. 1864
Clift, Mrs. Olieva Urbana Sec. 28 Wife of L. B. Clift Witzell Co., Va. 1860
Clift, W. A. Urbana Sec. 28 Farmer and Stock Raiser Belmont Co., Oh 1856
Closs, 0. M., Mahomet Mahomet Closs/Rittenhouse Dept. Store Medina Co., Oh. 1865
Cochran, John C. Champaign Sec. 17 Farmer and Stock Raiser Muskingm Co., Oh. 1869
Cochran, Mrs. Louisa Champaign Sec. 17 Wife of John C. Cochran Clinton Co., Mo. 1869
Coddington, Benjamin Died April 1865 Late Husband of D. Coddington Ohio 1828
Coddington, Mrs. D. Homer Sec. 12 Widow of Benjamin Coddington Galley Co., Oh. 1863
Coffeen, M. A. Deceased Homer      
Coffeen, M. D. Homer Homer Merchant Silver Creek, N.Y. 1836
Coffman, J. Y. Urbana Urbana Assistant Postmaster Fairfield Co. Oh. 1858
Cole, C. F. Philo Sec. 25 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hampshre Co., Mass. 1864
Cole, George Sidney Sidney General Merchant Hampshire Co, Mass. 1857
Cole, Isaac Sidney Sec. 32 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hampshire Co, Mass. 1859
Cole, L. B. Rantoul Rantoul Dealer in Grain & Ag. Implements Canada 1865
Cole, Mrs. Isabella Rantoul Rantoul Wife of L. B. Cole Scotland 1865
Cole, Mrs. Loretta Sidney Sec. 32 Wife of Isaac Cole Cuyahoga Co., Oh. 1863
Colwell, J. H. Homer Sec. 19 Farmer & Minister Champaign Co., Oh. 1866
Conkey, W. A. Homer Sec. 7 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., Mass. 1843
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