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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 9

Cranston, J. Gibson, Ford Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser Champaign Co., Oh. 1856
Cranston, Mrs. A. R. Gibson, Ford Sec. 6 Wife of J. Cranston Lamoille Co., Vt 1859
Craw, Emeline Sadorus Sec. 25 Wife of Samuel Craw Ohio 1859
Craw, Samuel Sadorus Sec. 25 Farmer Vermont 1857
Crayne, Levi St. Joseph Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Warren Co., Oh. 1856
Crayne, Mrs. Elizabeth St. Joseph Sec. 23 Wife of Levi Crayne Indiana 1856
Cromer, J. C. Homer Homer Editor, Homer Enterprise Virginia 1877
Cromer, Mrs. E. E Homer Homer Wife of J. C. Cromer New York 1877
Cummings, D. W. Gifford Gifford Blacksmith Harrison Co., Ky. 1870
Cummings, Mrs. H. C. Gifford Gifford Wife of D. W. Cummings Washington Co., Ind. 1860
Cunningham, Jos. O. Urbana Sec. 8 Lawyer Erie Co., N. Y. 1853
Cunningham, Mrs. M. Urbana Sec. 8 Wife of Jos O. Cunningham Geauga Co., 0. 1853
Curtis, C. C. Mahomet Mahomet Larned/Curtis Hardware, Stoves Coles Co., Ill. 1870
Cushman, Daniel Champaign Sec. 15 Farm. & Fine Stk Breeder Vermont 1870
Cushman, Mrs. A. Champaign Sec. 15 Wife of Daniel Cushman Vermont 1870
Custer, Jacob M. Died September 17, 1865 Late Husband of Mrs E. O. Custer Botetourt Co., Va. 1848
Custer, M. B. Homer Homer Merchant & Stock Dealer Fayette Co., Oh. 1853
Custer, Mrs. E. 0. Homer Sec. 9 Present Wife of J. L. Myers Greenbriar Co., W.Va 1848
Dale, Mrs. Mary E. Mahomet Sec. 21 Wife of Thomas Dale Vermilion Co., Ill. 1835
Dale, Thomas Mahomet Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Crawford Co., Oh. 1848
Danforth, David Philo Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. 1867
Danforth, Mrs. P. A. Philo Sec. 6 Wife of David Danforth Licking Co., Oh. 1867
Darnell, A. Rantoul Rantoul Auctioneer & Assessor Woodford Co., Ky. 1856
Darnell, Mrs. S. E. Rantoul Rantoul Wife of A. Darnell Woodford Co., Ky. 1856
Davidson, E. W. Philo Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Adams Co., Oh. 1872
Davidson, F. T. Mahomet Mahomet Davidson & Bro-Dlrs in Grain& Salt Madison Co., Oh. 1853
Davidson, J. W. Mahomet Mahomet Davidson & Bro-Dlrs in Grain& Salt Madison Co., Oh. 1853
Davidson, Mrs. C. B. Philo Sec. 21 Wife of E. W. Davidson Hamilton Co., Oh. 1872
Davis, James Mahomet Mahomet Grocer and Restaurant Licking Co., Oh. 1856
Davis, Lizzie Urbana Urbana Wife of W. H. Davis Logan Co, Oh. 1871
Davis, Mrs. Mary Mahomet Mahomet Wife of James Davis Fairfield Co., Oh. 1856
Davis, W. H. Urbana Urbana Urbana Barber and Hair Dresser South Carolina 1871
Davison, James L. Tolono Tolono Farmer and Stock Raiser Decatur Co., Ind 1871
Davison, Mrs. M. C. Tolono Tolono Wife of James L. Davison Cincinnati, Oh. 1871
Dawley, Mrs. R. Seymour Sec. 10 Wife of W. E. Dawley Clark Co., Oh. 1864
Dawley, Wm. E. Seymour Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Kent Co., R.I. 1854
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