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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 10

De Puy, M. H. Champaign Champaign Grocer & Confectioner New York 1854
Dean, James Died September 7, 1870 Late Husband of Mrs. S. Dean Jefferson Co., Pa. 1851
Dean, Mrs. Deborah Philo Sec. 32 Mother of Mrs. P. Campbell Orleans Co., Vt. 1863
Dean, Mrs. Sallie Champaign Sec. 5 Farming & Dairying Knox Co., Oh. 1856
Dedman, E. C. Mahomet Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Shelby Co., Ky. 1877
Dedman, Mrs. Alice E. Mahomet Sec. 14 Wife of E. C. Dedman Champaign Co., Ill. 1853
Deere, Moses Sidney Sec. 3 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., Ky 1830
Deere, Mrs Harriet Sidney Sec. 3 Wife of Moses Deere Champgn Co., Ill. 1834
Despain, J. J. Gifford Sec. 24 Farmer and Stock Raiser DeWitt Co., Ill. 1868
Despain, Mrs. Anne Gifford Sec. 24 Wife of J. J. Despain DeWitt Co., Ill. 1868
Dickens, C. B. Champaign Champaign Prop. of Livery, Feed, Sale Station Illinois 1863
Dilling, Jacob Champaign Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser Wayne Co., Ind 1857
Dilling, Mrs. Elizabeth Champaign Sec. 6 Wife of Jacob Dilling Champaign Co., Ill. 1856
Dillsworth, J. W. Rantoul Sec. 16 Farmer and Stock Raiser England 1851
Dillsworth, Mrs. M. Rantoul Sec. 16 Wife of J. W. Dillsworth Oswego Co., N.Y. 1871
Dilworth, Mrs. Anna Philo Sec. 33 Wife of Robert Dilworth Ireland 1870
Dilworth, Robert Philo Sec. 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Tyrone Co., Ireland 1858
Dines, Wesley Ivesdale Sec. 17   Ohio 1853
Dolan, John Ivesdale Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ireland 1871
Dolph, Mrs. Sarah Fisher Sec. 31 Wife of R. Dolph Indiana 1852
Dolph, R. Fisher Sec. 31 Farmer Indiana 1852
Donaldson, John Ogden Sec. 29 Farmer and Stock Raiser Augusta, Va. 1861
Donaldson, Mrs. P. Ogden Sec. 29 Wife of John Donaldson Lyons Co., Ind. 1861
Dooling, Miss Katie Gifford Sec. 16 Teacher & Housekeeper Pennsylvania 1868
Downey, Joseph A. M. Urbana Urbana Car Builder, I.B.&W. RR Shop Philadelphia, Pa 1871
Downey, Mrs. Susan Urbana Urbana Wife of Joseph A. M. Downey Orange Co., N.Y. 1871
Downing, J. R. Ogden Sec. 21 Physician & Surgeon Logan Co., Oh. 1878
Downing, Lethe A. Ogden Sec. 21 Wife of J. R. Downing Ohio 1878
Dresback, John St. Joseph St. Joseph Dealer, Gen. Mdse. Twnsp. Treas Logan Co., Oh. 1853
Drullinger, H. P. St. Joseph Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Champaign Co., Ill. 1854
Drullinger, H. W. St. Joseph Sec. 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Butler Co., Oh. 1840
Drullinger, Mrs. A. A. St. Joseph Sec. 14 Wife of W. S. Drullinger Indiana 1869
Drullinger, Mrs. E. St. Joseph Sec. 22 Wife of H. W. Drullinger Pickaway Co., Oh. 1840
Drullinger, Mrs. M. E. St. Joseph Sec. 23 Wife of H. P. Drullinger Champaign Co., Ill. 1855
Drullinger, W. S. St. Joseph Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Champaign Co., Ill 1850
Duggan, E. Ivesdale lvesdale Proprietor of Ivesdale House Ireland 1864
Duggan, Mrs. Bridget Ivesdale Ivesdale Wife of E. Duggan Ireland 1864
Duncan, Leonard Died February 1864 Late Husband of Mrs H. Duncan Dutchess Co., N.Y. 1856
Duncan, Mrs. H. Sidney Sec. 28 Widow of Leonard Duncan Dutchess Co., N.Y. 1856
Dundon, John Sidney Sec. 5 Farmer and Stock Raiser Portage Co., Oh. 1862
Dundon, Mrs. H. Sidney Sec. 5 Former Wife of J. Dundon Summit Co., Oh. 1862
Dunlap, Menzo Savoy Sec. 36 Farmer and Horticulturist New York 1856
Dunlap, Mrs. M. J. Savoy Sec. 1 Wife of Oscar Dunlap Albany Co. N.Y 1869
Dunlap, Oscar Savoy Sec. 1 Farmer & Fruit Grower Cook Co., Ill. 1857
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