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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 11

Dunn, Mrs. E. M. St. Joseph Sec. 13 Wife of Z. M. Dunn Ohio 1833
Dunn, Mrs. Mary M. Urbana Sec. 36 Wife of S. K. Dunn Buchanan Co., Mo 1873
Dunn, S. K. Urbana Sec. 36 Farmer and Stock Raiser Harrison Co., Ky 1833
Dunn, Z. M. St. Joseph Sec. 13 Farmer and Stock Raiser Harrison Co., Ky 1833
Durr, John H. Champaign Sec. 16 Farmer Philadelphia, Pa. 1853
Durr, Mrs. Ella A. Champaign Sec. 16 Wife of John H. Durr Jefferson Co., Oh. 1865
Dyer, C. Foosland Foosland Grocer's, Dry Goods, Clothing, &c Fayette Co., Oh. 1862
Earnest, A. Tolono Sec. 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Carroll Co., Oh. 1868
Earnest, Mary Tolono Sec. 33 Wife of A. Earnest Carroll Co., Oh. 1868
Egbert, J. W. Mahomet Mahomet Dealer Lumber, Brick, Hardware Brown Co., Oh. 1856
Egbert, Mrs. E. A. Mahomet Mahomet Wife of J. W. Egbert Clermont Co., Oh. 1856
Ekblaw, Mrs. C. C. Rantoul Sec. 25 Wife of John Ekblaw Sweden 1876
Ekblaw, John Rantoul Sec. 25 Farmer and Stock Raiser Sweden 1876
Elder, C. M. C. Homer Homer Attorney at Law Green Co., Pa. 1864
Elder, Mrs. Jane Died October 30, 1877 Late Wife of W. G. Elder Green Co., Pa. 1866
Elder, W. G. Ogden Sec. 20 Farmer, Stock Raiser, Auctioneer Green Co., Pa. 1866
Ellars, Susan J. Parkville Sec. 34. Wife of W. Ellars Ohio 1850
Ellars, Wm. Parkville Sec. 34 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ohio 1850
Elliott, Mrs. Mary L. Urbana Sec. 14 Wife of S. F. Elliott Clermont Co., Oh. 1858
Elliott, S. F. Urbana Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Brown Co., Oh. 1858
Ellithorp, E. Philo Philo Justice of the Peace Massachusetts 1861
Ennis, Thomas Philo Philo Hardware Merchant Pennsylvania 1855
Erdivins, Henry C. Compromise Sec. 7 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1872
Erickson, Anders Philo Philo Blacksmith Sweden 1877
Ermentrout, A. C. Champaign Sec. 16 Farmer Ross Co., Oh. 1872
Ermentrout, Mrs. A. Champaign Sec. 16 Wife of A. C. Ermentrout Clinton Co., Ind. 1872
Evans, D. W. Urbana Urbana Pastor of Presbyterian Church South Wales 1875
Evens, David Sadorus Sec. 36 Farmer and Stock Raiser Wales 1869
Evens, Mrs. Jane Sadorus Sec. 36 Wife of David Evens Wales 1869
Exton, James Compromise Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser England 1869
Exton, Mrs. Eliza Compromise Sec. 6 Wife of James Exton England 1869
Fanley, A. M. Urbana Sec. 26 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fairfield Co., Oh. 1856
Fanley, Mrs. Sarah E. Urbana Sec. 26 Wife of A. M. Fanley Fairfield Co., Oh. 1856
Faulkner, L. W. Champaign Champaign Druggist New York 1863
Fee, S. Philo Philo Attorney at Law and J. P. Clermont Co., Oh. 1869
Ferrall, G. I. 0. Seymour Sec. 17 Farmer Cambridge, Oh. 1866
Feuters, Eli Ogden Ogden Carpenter and Builder Carrol Co., Ind. 1860
Fields, John W. Sadorus Sadorus Post Master and Merchant Indiana 1856
Finley, James Sidney Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Vermilion Co., Ill. 1871
Finley, Mrs. Maggie Sidney Sec. 23 Wife of J. Finley Canada West 1871
Fish, Mrs. Eliza A. Fisher Fisher Wife of S. A. Fish Oneida Co., N.Y.


Fish, S. A. & Co. Fisher Fisher General Merchant Windom Co., Vt. 1876
Fisher, David Mahomet Sec. 19 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fayette Co., Oh. 1848
Fisher, J. F. Fisher Sec. 29 Farmer and Stock Raiser Champaign Co., Ill. 1855
Fisher, Martin Sidney Sec. 8 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fayette Co., Oh. 1850
Fisher, Mrs. Jane Died March 1878 Late Wife of Martin Fisher Fayette Co., Oh. 1850
Fisher, Mrs. Nannie Fisher Sec. 29 Wife of J. F. Fisher Champaign Co., Ill. 1855
Fisher, Mrs. Sarah A. Fisher Sec. 1 Wife of Robert Fisher Augusta Co., Va. 1850
Fisher, Mrs. Sarah A. Mahomet Sec. 19 Wife of David Fisher Fayette Co., Oh. 1866
Fisher, Mrs.Jemima Mahomet Sec. 7 Wife of W. C. Fisher Ross Co., Oh.


Fisher, Robert Fisher Sec. 1 Farmer, Stock & Grain Dealer Madison Co., Oh.


Fisher, William C. Mahomet Sec. 7 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ohio Co., Va.


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