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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 12

Fletcher, J. W. Rantoul Sec. 11 Farmer and Stock Raiser Yorkshire, England 1872
Fletcher, Mrs. Alice Rantoul Sec. 11 Wife of J. W. Fletcher England 1872
Fletcher, Mrs. Nancy Rantoul Sec. 7 Farming England 1873
Fondersmith, G. Champaign Champaign S. M. & Gunsmthing Huntingdon Co., Pa. 1876
Forbis, H. C. Homer Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Madison Co., Oh. 1873
Ford, Lemuel Urbana Sec. 3 Farmer and Stock Raiser Gilmore Co., W Va 1870
Ford, Mrs. Lucinda M. Urbana Sec. 3 Wife of Lemuel Ford Vermillion Co., Ind 1857
Foster, S. W. Sadorus Sadorus Proprietor of Foster House Wayne Co., Oh. 1867
Fouler, Mrs. Elizabeth Rantoul Sec. 16 Wife of Richard Fouler Steuben Co., N.Y. 1861
Fouler, Richard Rantoul Sec. 16 Farmer and Fine Stock Grower Marion Co., Oh. 1861
Foulke, Thomas D. Sidney Sec. 34 Farmer and Stock Raiser Bucks Co., Pa. 1856
Francisco, H. A. Died September 1875 Farmer Herkmer Co., N.Y. 1864
Francisco, Hester J. Philo Sec. 35 Retired Cuyahoga Co., Oh. 1867
Francisco, Mrs. E. A. Philo Philo Retired Vermont 1868
Frankenberg, F. O. Died December 24, 1874 Husband of M. A. Frankenburg Germany 1857
Frankenberg, Mrs M A Urbana Sec. 31 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fairfield Co., Oh. 1857
Frankenberger, Susan Champaign Sec. 30 Farming & Stock Raising Adams Co., Pa. 1853
Frankenberger, John Died July 11, 1863 Late Husband of S. Frankenberger York Co., Pa. 1853
Frantz, Mrs. Druzilla Marshall Clark Co., Ill. Daughter of E. Bocock Fayette Co., Oh. 1856
Freeman, C. J. Sidney Sidney Farmer and Stock Raiser Jasper Co., Ind. 1857
Freeman, Mrs. E. Sidney Sidney Wife of Wm. Freeman Muskingm Co., Oh. 1865
Freeman, Wm. Sidney Sidney Grain Merchant Pickaway Co., Oh. 1858
French, Mrs. E. B. Ogden Ogden Wife of T. P. French Peoria Co., Ill. 1876
French, T. P. Ogden Ogden Physician Vigo Co., Ind. 1873
Friedrick, Eugene P. Ogden Sec. 19 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1854
Friedrick, Mrs. S. E. Ogden Sec. 19 Wife of Eugene P. Friedrick Champaign Co., Ill 1842
Frost, Joseph A. Urbana Urbana Saloon Keeper Germany 1868
Frost, Mrs. Mary A. Urbana Urbana Wife of Joseph A. Frost Cook Co., Ill. 1868
Fry, Theodore Champaign Sec. 17 Farmer and Stock Raiser Preble Co., Oh. 1865
Fugate, J. T. Urbana Urbana Physician & Surgeon Wythe Co., Va. 1867
Fugate, Mrs. D. A. Urbana Urbana Wife of J. T. Fugate Adams Co., Ill. 1838
Funk, John Sidney Sidney Mechanic & Tinsmith Bedford Co., Pa. 1865
Funston, J. H. Fisher Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ross Co., Oh. 1857
Funston, Mrs. E. E. Fisher Sec. 14 Wife of J. H. Funston Fayette Co., Oh. 1857
Gamel, A. J. Mahomet Mahomet Drugs and Groceries Wyandotte Co., Oh. 1867
Geiger, G. F. Champaign Sec. 25 Farmer and Stock Raiser Wurtenburg, Germany 1870
Geiger, Mrs. Mary E. Champaign Sec. 25 Wife of G. F. Geiger Wayne Co., Mo. 1870
Gennung, Elish N. Died April 15, 1867 Late Husband of J. A. Gennung Newark, N.J. 1855
Gennung, Mrs. J. A. Rantoul Sec. 35 Farming & Stock Raising Rockingham Co., Va. 1855
George (Myers), Mrs. E. Sidney Sec. 12 Farmer Green Co., Oh. 1860
George, Isaac Homer Sec. 12 Farmer and Stock Raiser Champaign Co., Ill. 1845
George, Joseph B. Sidney Sec. 31 Farmer and Stock Raiser Vermilion Co., Ill. 1847
George, Joseph V. Died January 1873 Late Husband of E. George Pickaway Co., Oh. 1842
George, Mrs. E. Homer Sec. 12 Wife of Isaac George Champaign Co., Ill. 1853
George, Mrs. Sarah E. Sidney Sec. 31 Wife of Joseph B. George Champaign Co., Ill. 1850
Gere, George W. Champaign Champaign Lawyer Illinois 1842
Giddings, Mrs. L. A. Ludlow Sec. 10 Wife of Thomas W. Giddings Warren Co., Ill. 1875
Giddings, Thomas W. Ludlow Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Erie Co., Pa. 1875
Gifford, Benj. J. Rantoul Rantoul Attorney at Law, Pres. R. R. Co. Kendle Co., Ill. 1868
Gifford, Emeline M. Philo Sec. 13 Wife of J. B. Gifford Peoria Co., Ill. 1870
Gifford. J. B. Philo Sec. 13 Farmer and Stock Raiser Peoria Co., Ill. 1870
Gillivan, P. F. Ivesdale Sec. 18 Dir., Ivesdale Public School    
Gillmore, E. K. Rantoul Rantoul Wife of Rev. W. F. Gillmore Wyandotte Co., Oh. 1870
Gillmore, Rev. W. F. Rantoul Rantoul Minister of M. E. Church Allegheny Co., Pa. 1870
Glannan, John Rantoul Sec. 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Co. Galway, Ireland 1869
Glannan, Mrs. Mary Rantoul Sec. 22 Wife of J. Glannan Co. Galway, Ireland 1869
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