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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 15

Heffington, J. W. Gifford Gifford Blacksmith & Farmer Morgan Co., Ind. 1876
Heffington, Mrs. Phebe Gifford Gifford Wife of J. W. Heffington New Jersey 1876
Heineman, John N. Behrens Behrens   Saxony, Germany


Heineman, Mrs. J. M. Behrens Behrens Wife of John N. Heineman Saxony, Germany 1863
Helm, E. M. Philo Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Grant Co., Ind. 1854
Helm, G. W. Sidney Sidney Grain Dealer Champaign Co., Ill. 1855
Helm, James M. Philo Philo Retired Farmer Lexington Co., Ky. 1854
Helm, James W. Sidney Sidney Grain Merchant Grant Co., Ind. 1854
Helm, Mrs. Agnes Philo Philo Wife of James M. Helm Loudon Co. Va. 1854
Helm, Mrs. Beulah Philo Sec. 10 Wife of E. M. Helm Hendcks Co., Ind. 1869
Helm, Mrs. Eliza J. Sidney Sidney Wife of James W. Helm Fayette Co., Oh. 1866
Helvie, A. C. Penfield Sec. 32 Farmer Madison Co., Ind. 1859
Helvie, Mrs. Lucy A. Penfield Sec. 32 Wife of A. C. Helvie Cass Co., Oh. 1865
Hemphill, James S. Rantoul Sec. 24 Farmer and Stock Raiser Adams Co., Oh. 1866
Hemphill, Mrs. M. A. Rantoul Sec. 24 Wife of James S. Hemphill Butler Co., Oh. 1866
Henderson, William Homer Sec. 19 Farmer and Teacher Parke Co., Ind. 1866
Hensley, G. W. Champaign Sec. 15 Farmer and Stock Raiser Brown Co., Oh. 1855
Herrick, J. T. Rantoul Rantoul Farmer Summit Co., Oh. 1856
Herrick, Mrs. Mellicent Rantoul Rantoul Wife of J. T. Herrick Massachusetts 1856
Herriott, J. W. Champaign Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Scott Co., Ky. 1851
Herriott, Mrs. Agnes S. Champaign Sec. 14 Wife of J. W. Herriott Louden Co., Va. 1869
Hershbarger, Jacob Champaign Sec. 13 Farmer and Stock Raiser Montgomery Co., Oh. 1868
Hershbarger, Mrs M. J. Champaign Sec. 13 Wife of Jacob Hershbarger Fountain Co., Ind. 1868
Hess, T. M. Homer Homer Minister & Physician Floyd Co., Ind. 1853
Hewerdine, Mrs. E Behrens Sec. 34 Wife of Thomas Hewerdine Muskingm Co., Oh. 1853
Hewerdine, Mrs. N. J. Behrens Sec. 16 Wife of Wm. Hewerdine Fayette Co., Oh. 1853
Hewerdine, Thomas Behrens Sec. 34 Farmer and Stock Raiser Lincolnshire, England 1853
Hewerdine, Wm. Behrens Sec. 16 Farmer and Stock Raiser Lincolnshire, England 1856
Heyer, Mrs. Sophia Fisher Sec. 29 Wife of William Heyer Germany 1865
Heyer, William Fisher Sec. 29 Farmer and Prop. Cheese Factory Germany 1865
Hicks, Lewis L. Rantoul Rantoul Grain Merchant Vermillion Co., Ind. 1852
Hicks, Mrs. Emily Died March 26, 1875 Iowa 1866
Hill, E. J. Ogden Ogden Farmer and Attorney at Law Fountain Co., Ind. 1856
Hill, E. L. Champaign Champaign Agent, Rockford Ins. Co.    
Hill, Henry B. Urbana Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Meigs Co., Oh. 1860
Hill, J. W. Champaign Champaign Revenue Collector Kentucky 1866
Hill, Lyman Champaign Champaign Agent, Rockford Ins. Co. Vermont 1875
Hill, Mrs. Elizabeth Urbana Sec. 23 Wife of Henry B. Hill Champaign Co., Ill. 1837
Hill, Mrs. Martha A. Ogden Ogden Wife of E. J. Hill Monroe Co., Oh. 1874
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