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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 19

Kyle, Mrs. Margaret J. Urbana Urbana Wife of Thomas B. Kyle Armstrong Co., Pa 1865
Kyle, Thomas B. Urbana Urbana Teacher and Surveyor Green Co., OH 1865
Lady, John Mahomet Sec. 18 Farmer Adams Co., Pa. 1862
Lady, Mrs, Catherine Mahomet Sec. 18 Wife of John Lady Adams Co., Pa. 1862
Lapham, M. E. Champaign Champaign Lumber Merchant Michigan 1863
Lapham, Mrs. Ica A. Champaign Champaign Wife of M. E. Lapham Michigan 1865
Larned, C. G. Champaign Champaign Hardware Merchant Vermont 1861
Larned, C. G. Mahomet Mahomet Larned/Curtis Hardware, Stoves Vermont 1855
Larned, Mrs. Calista E. Champaign Champaign Wife of C. G. Larned Vermont 1861
Lasher, M. E. Champaign Champaign Manufacturer Road Graders New York 1856
Laughlin, Samuel Parkville Sec. 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ireland 1873
Lawson, W. Homer Homer Physician & Surgeon Indiana Co., Pa. 1868
Lax, Mrs. Mary L. Thomasboro Sec. 25 Wife of Newark Lax Morgan Co., Ill. 1875
Lax, Newark Thomasboro Sec. 25 Farmer and Stock Dealer Co. Durham, England 1855
Laybourn (Bocock), Louisa Sidney Sidney Former Widow of E. Bocock Fayette Co., Oh. 1856
Laybourn, Miss R. Sidney Sidney Daughter of L. & P. Laybourn Champaign Co., Ill. 1867
Laybourn, Paul Died March 1871 Late Husband of Louisa Laybourn Clark Co., Oh. 1856
Layman, Lewis Rantoul Sec. 15 Farmer and Stock Raiser Mason Co., Ill. 1870
Layman, Mrs Sarah C. Rantoul Sec. 15 Wife of Lewis Layman Sangamon Co., Ill. 1870
Leas, A. F. St. Joseph Sec. 9 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fountain Co., Ind. 1861
Leas, Mrs. Lydia E. St. Joseph Sec. 9 Wife of A. F. Leas Vermilion Co., Ill. 1866
Lee, L. M. Sadorus Sadorus Physician & Surgeon Kentucky 1874
Lee, Mrs. E. A. Pesotum Sec. 30 Wife of Squire Lee Kentucky 1850
Lee, Squire Pesotum Sec. 30 Farmer, Stock Raiser, Shipper Kentucky 1850
Leevy, J. T. Tolono Sec. 28 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., Pa. 1873
Leevy, Mrs. Addie Tolono Sec. 28 Wife of J. T. Leevy Green Co., Oh. 1873
Lehman, Mrs. I . H. Sidney Sidney Wife of Wm. Lehman Berks Co., Pa. 1867
Lehman, Wm. Sidney Sidney House Carpenter Lebanon Co., Pa. 1867
Lemert, Joshua Urbana Urbana Route Agent of I.B.&W. RR Crawford Co.,Oh. 1873
Lemert, Mrs. Caroline M. Urbana Urbana Wife of Joshua Lemert Jerseyshore, N.J. 1873
Leney, J. W. Ogden Ogden Farmer and Grain Dealer Glasgow, Scotland 1855
Leney, Mrs. M. M. Ogden Ogden Wife of J. W. Leney Champaign Co., Ill. 1845
Lenox, Hiram Gifford Sec. 12 Farmer Shelby Co., Oh. 1868
Lenox, Mrs. Mary Gifford Sec. 12 Wife of Hiram Lenox Morrow Co., Oh. 1861
Leonard, John Champaign Sec. 23 Farmer and Stock Dealer Co. Carlow, Ireland 1869
Leonard, Mrs. E. F. Champaign Sec. 23 Wife of John Leonard Ross Co., Oh. 1869
Lester, C. H. Gifford Sec. 3 Farmer Susquehana Co., N.Y. 1861
Lester, J. B. Fisher Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Switzerland Co., Ind. 1853
Lester, Mrs. E. A. Fisher Sec. 14 Wife of J. B. Lester Frederick Co., Va. 1856
Lester, Mrs. Rosa W. Gifford Sec. 3 Wife of C. H. Lester Iowa 1875
Lewis, A. T. Urbana Urbana Ed., Pub. Champaign Co. Herald Johnson Co., Ind. 1856
Lewis, Andrew Urbana Urbana Retired Farmer Montgomery Co., Va 1856
Lewis, Elmer St. Joseph Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Vermilion Co., Ill. 1871
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