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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 20

Lewis, J. F. Sadorus Sec. 1 Farmer & Fine Stock Raiser Illinois 1839
Lewis, Mrs. Elizabeth Urbana Urbana Wife of Andrew Lewis Rockingham Co, N.C. 1856
Lewis, Mrs. J. F. Sadorus Sec. 1 Wife of J. F. Lewis Digo Co., Ind. 1855
Lewis, Mrs. Martha St. Joseph Sec. 20 Wife of Elmer Lewis Carroll Co., Ind. 1871
Lewis, Nathan St. Joseph Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Warren Co., Ind. 1871
Lewis, Thomas A. Urbana Urbana County Treasurer Johnson Co., Ind 1856
Lilly, Robert H. Died January 14, 1874 Late Husband of Valeria Lilly Bourbon Co., Ky. 1850
Lilly, Valeria G. Champaign Sec. 22 Farming & Stock Raising Oswego Co., N. Y. 1857
Lindley, M. Urbana Urbana Physician & Surgeon Knox Co., Oh. 1857
Lindley, S. M. Urbana Urbana Wife of M. Lindley Harrison Co., Oh. 1857
Lindsey, F. G. Champaign Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Scott Co., Ky. 1864
Lindsey, Mrs. Mildrid Champaign Sec. 20 Wife of F. G. Lindsey Scott Co., Ky. 1864
Lingle, J. A. Homer Homer Saddle & Harness Maker Orange Co., Ind. 1877
Little, Mrs. Sarah M, Urbana Sec. 9 Wife ot Samuel Little Champaign Co., Ill. 1834
Little, Samuel Urbana Sec. 9 Farmer and Stock Raiser Highland Co., Oh. 1855
Littler, Labon Died January 1878 Late Husband of Mary Littler Madison Co., Oh. 1843
Littler, Mrs. Mary Urbana Urbana Widow of Labon Littler Bedford Co., Pa. 1843
Logan, J. H. Philo Sec. 31 Farmer and Stock Raiser Carroll Co., Oh. 2866
Logan, Mrs. Eliza Philo Sec. 31 Wife of J. H. Logan Belmont Co., Oh. 1868
Long, J. E. Homer Homer Stock Dealer Pickaway Co., Oh. 1860
Lorenz, Ernst Behrens Behrens Postmaster and Justice of Peace Germany 1861
Lorenz, Lewis H. Behrens Sec. 27 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1866
Lorenz, Mrs. Catherine Behrens Behrens Wife of Ernst Lorenz Darke Co., Oh. 1861
Lorenz, Mrs. Matilda Behrens Sec. 27 Wife of Lewis H. Lorenz Switzerland Co., Ind. 1863
Lothrop, J. S. Champaign Champaign Attorney at Law Dover, Me. 1866
Love, Mrs. Mary H. Tolono Sec. 33 Wife of Oscar Love Virginia 1874
Love, Oscar Tolono Sec. 33 Farmer and Mechanic Virginia 1874
Ludlow, James D. Ludlow Sec. 7 Farmer Hamilton Co., Oh. 1855
Ludlow, Mrs. Susan M. Ludlow Sec. 7 Wife of James D. Ludlow Richmond, Ind. 1862
Lyons, Lillie Pesotum Pesotum   England  1866
Lytle, George W. Seymour Sec. 22 Farmer and Teacher Peoria Co., Ill. 1867
Mackenzie, D. Urbana Urbana Local Ed. Champaign Co .Herald Franklin Co., Pa 1864
Madden, Marion F. Sidney Sec. 36 Farmer and Stock Raiser Grant Co., Ind. 1857
Madden, Sarah E. Sidney Sec. 36 Wife of Marion F. Madden Indiana 1862
Maddock, Mrs. A. M. Philo Sec. 35 Wife of Thomas Maddock Cass Co., Mich. 1872
Maddock, Thomas Philo Sec. 35 Farmer and Stock Raiser England 1869
Magill, David R. Sidney Sidney General Merchant Niagara Co., N.Y. 1855
Mahan, H. W. Champaign Champaign Grocer Illinois 1872
Mahan, I. S. Champaign Champaign Grocer Ohio 1872
Mallory, George Seymour Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser Harper's Ferry, Va. 1839
Mallory, Mrs. Mary C. Seymour Sec. 6 Wife of George Mallory Illinois 1869
Mallory, Mrs. Mary Seymour Sec. 9 Wife of Thomas Mallory Harper's Ferry, Va. 1839
Mallory, Thomas Seymour Sec. 9 Farmer and Stock Raiser Harper's Ferry, Va. 1839
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