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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 22

McCulloch, T. Champaign Champaign Burnett/McCulloch Leather Store Terre Haute, Ind. 1876
McCullough, A. W. Urbana Sec. 29 Farmer Franklin Co., Pa. 1854
McCullough, E. H. Urbana Sec. 29 Wife of A. W. McCullough Centre Co., Pa. 1854
McCullough, J. S. Urbana Urbana Clerk of County Court Franklin Co, Pa. 1854
McElwee, L. C. St. Joseph Sec. 1 Farmer and Stock Raiser Dauphin Co., Pa. 1874
McElwee, Mrs. Anna St. Joseph Sec. 1 Wife of L. C. McElwee Fountain Co., Ind. 1874
McFarland, Cyrus Rantoul Rantoul Hardware Merchant Providence, R.I. 1867
McFarland, Mrs. L. A. Rantoul Rantoul Wife of Cyrus McFarland Providence, R.I. 1867
McHarry, Daniel Died February 21, 1865 Late Husband of Mrs E. McHarry Wagtnshre, Scotland 1869
McHarry, Mrs. E. Rantoul Sec. 22 Widow of Daniel McHarry Wagtnshre, Scotland 1869
McHugh, Lydia S. Urbana Urbana Wife of Thomas W. McHugh Porter Co., Ind. 1866
McHugh, Thomas W. Urbana Urbana Attorney & Justice of Peace Clinton Co., Oh. 1864
McKee, A. J. Homer Homer Bank Cashier Tompkins Co., N.Y. 1874
McKee, J. W. Tolono Sec. 3 Farmer Owen Co., Ind. 1875
McKee, Mrs. Nancy R. Tolono Sec. 3 Wife of J. W. McKee Pickaway Co., Oh. 1859
McKee, Samuel Homer Sec. 16 Farmer and Stock Raiser Muskingm Co., Oh. 1852
McKinney, D. R. Ogden Sec. 21 Physician and Surgeon Ohio 1869
McKinney, Jacob Ivesdale Sec. 17 Farmer Indiana 1867
McKinney, Mrs. H. Ogden Sec. 21 Wife of D. R. McKinney Indiana 1869
McLain, J. J. Urbana Urbana Urbana Deputy Circuit Clerk Edgar Co., Ill. 1863
McLean, Edgar Sidney Sidney Merchant Warren Co., Oh. 1866
McLean, Mrs. M. A. Sidney Sidney Wife of Edgar McLean Canada West 1869
McNally, Mrs. Cath Tolono Sec. 2 Wife of Thomas McNally Ireland 1855
McNally, Thomas Tolono Sec. 2 Farmer Ireland 1855
McNamee, Frank Ivesdale Sec. 20 Farmer Ireland 1878
Meharry, A. P. Tolono Sec. 5 Farmer and Stock Raiser Montgomery Co., Ind. 1866
Meharry, Jesse Tolono Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Indiana 1865
Meharry, Wm. Tolono Sec. 32 Farmer and Stock Raiser Montgomery Co., Ind. 1865
Meneley, L. S. Rantoul Rantoul Carpenter, Joiner & House Mover Franklin Co., Oh. 1839
Meneley, Mrs. M. R. Rantoul Rantoul Wife of L. S. Meneley Pickaway Co., Oh. 1843
Mercer, Mrs. Mary J. Paxton Sec. 16 Wife of Solomon Mercer Vinton Co., Oh. 1861
Mercer, Solomon Paxton Sec. 16 Farmer and Stock Raiser Monroe Co., Oh. 1857
Merrett, Samuel Ivesdale Sec. 36 Farmer and Stock Raiser Indiana 1872
Merritt, Josiah Champaign Sec. 15 Farmer New York 1855
Merritt, Mrs. E. A. Champaign Sec. 15 Wife of Josiah Merritt Indiana 1865
Merry, Mrs. B. F. Tolono Sec. 12 Farming Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1855
Michael, Frances A. Urbana Urbana Wife of B. F. Michael Miami Co., Oh. 1857
Michael, B. F. Urbana Urbana Constable of Urbana Township Montgomery Co, Oh. 1857
Miles, J. S. Ogden Ogden Farmer and Lumber Dealer Hardy Co., Va. 1868
Miles, Mrs. Laura E. Ogden Ogden Wife of J. S. Miles Elkhart Co., Ind. 1871
Miller, August C. Behrens Sec. 34 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1868
Miller, J. S. Champaign Champaign Dealer in Hardware Tinwre, &c Kentucky 1867
Miller, Mrs. Mary Behrens Sec. 34 Wife of August C. Miller Ireland 1868
Miller, Nathaniel Sadorus Sec. 35 Farmer and Stock Raiser Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 1845
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