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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 24

Neville, W. H. Urbana Urbana Lath & Plasterer & R R Fireman Tippecanoe, Ind 1876
Newbert, Charles Rantoul Sec. 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Liecstershire, England 1878
Newbert, Mrs. Harriett Rantoul Sec. 30 Wife of Charles Newbert Virginia 1878
Nichols, George Parkville Sec. 27 Farmer Knox Co., Ohio 1867
Nolan, Mrs. Ellen Champaign Sec. 8 Wife of Thomas Nolan Ireland 1858
Nolan, Thomas Champaign Sec. 8 Farmer & Lumber Dealer Ireland 1858
Nox, Mrs. Mary Ann Urbana Sec. 10 Wife of Solomon Nox Shelby Co., Ky. 1829
Nox, Solomon Urbana Sec. 10 Retired Farmer Gallia Co., Oh. 1827
Ocheltree, J. M. N. Homer Homer R R Ticket& Freight Agent Marshall Co., Ind. 1860
Ocheltree, J. R. Homer Homer Furniture Dealer Greenbrier Co., Va. 1860
Oldham, J. E. Urbana Urbana Dept. Sheriff Ross Co., OH 1865
Oldham, Mrs. Mary F. Urbana Urbana Wife of J. E. Oldham Ohio 1863
Olds, E. W. Gifford Gifford R. R. Ticket Agent, Lumber Dealer Essex Co., Mass. 1876
Omey, J. H. Behrens Sec. 9 Farmer and Stock Raiser Jackson Co., Oh. 1870
Omey, Mrs. Isabella Behrens Sec. 9 Wife of J. H. Omey Juniata Co., Pa. 1870
Oneil, Hugh Homer Sec. 7 Farmer and Stock Raiser Rhode Island 1861
Orr, Mrs. R. A. Philo Philo Wife of Rev. W. H. Orr Highland Co., Oh. 1876
Orr, Rev. W. H. Philo Philo Minister of Chris. Church Brown Co., Oh. 1876
Osgood, Collins Urbana Urbana City Marshall Dearborn Co., Ind 1857
Paine, Mrs. E. A. Sidney Sec. 33 Wife of A. J. Paine Lincoln Co., Ky. 1856
Palmer, Aquilla Homer Homer Farmer and Stock Raiser Clark Co., Oh. 1837
Palmer, Mrs. H. H. Homer Homer Wife of Aquilla Palmer Butler Co., Oh. 1857
Park, D. E. Sidney Sidney Custom & Mer. Miller &c. Green Co., Oh. 1849
Park, John W. Mahomet Sec. 22 Farmer and Breeder Jefferson Co., Oh. 1863
Park, Joseph Urbana Urbana Miller and Grain Dealer York Co., Pa. 1854
Park, Mrs. Caroline Mahomet Sec. 22 Wife of John W. Park Genesee Co., N.Y. 1863
Park, Mrs. Margaret Urbana Urbana Wife of William Park Green Co., Pa. 1849
Park, Mrs. Mary Urbana Urbana Wife of Joseph Park Green Co., Pa. 1854
Park, William Urbana Urbana Miller, Millwright, R R Sup. York Co., Pa. 1849
Parker, C. E. Philo Philo Physician & Druggist Worcester Co., Mass. 1856
Parker, E. W. Philo Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Worcester Co., Mass 1856
Parker, Mrs. Chloe A. I. Philo Sec. 10 Wife of E. W. Parker Worcester Co., Mass. 1856
Parks, John R. Urbana Sec. 18 Horticulturist Adams Co., Oh. 1858
Parks, Mrs. Anna B. Urbana Sec. 18 Wife of John R. Parks McDonough Co., Ill. 1863
Parrett, Frederick M. Homer Sec. 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fayette Co., Oh. 1877
Parrett, Mrs. A. C. Homer Sec. 30 Wife of Frederick M. Parrett Clinton Co., Oh. 1877
Parry, Elizabeth J. Philo Sec. 18 Wife of John C. Parry Randolph Co., N.C. 1861
Parry, John C. Philo Sec. 18 Farmer and Stock Raiser Onondago Co., N.Y. 1861
Parsley, James J. Urbana Sec. 25 Farmer and Stock Raiser Russel Co., Va. 1862
Parsley, Mrs. M. F. Urbana Sec. 25 Wife of James J. Parsley Halifax Co., N C. 1862
Patton, Lafayette Paxton Sec. 5 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fountain Co., Ind. 1853
Patton, Mrs. Mary E. St. Joseph Sec. 16 Wife of Nathan Patton Wayne Co., Ind. 1869
Patton, Nathan St. Joseph Sec. 16 Farmer, Stock Raiser & Carpenter Vermilion Co., Ill. 1869
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