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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 27

Reese, Evan Sidney Sec. 8 Farmer and Stock Raiser Berkley Co., W.Va. 1864
Reese, Mrs. H. J. Sidney Sec. 8 Wife of Evan Reese Highland Co., Oh. 1865
Reese, Mrs. Julia A. Champaign Sec. 10 Wife of W. Reese Tyler Co., Va. 1856
Reese,.W. Champaign Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Washington Co., Oh. 1856
Reimund, John Urbana Urbana Watch Maker & jeweler Bedford Co., Pa. 1867
Reimund, Mrs Rebecca Urbana Urbana Wife of John Reimund Bedford Co., Pa. 1868
Reinhart, Anthony Pesotum Sec. 19 Farmer and Justice of Peace France 1873
Reinhart, Mary Pesotum Sec. 19 Wife of Anthony Reinhart Pennsylvania 1873
Reynolds, Henry S. Urbana Sec. 35 Farmer and Teaching Providence, R. I. 1856
Reynolds, Mrs. F. A. Urbana Sec. 35 Wife of Henry S. Reynolds Calhoun Co., Mich. 1868
Rice, B. F. Philo Sec. 27 Farmer and Fruit Grower Wood Co., Va. 1851
Rice, Mrs. Margaret L. Philo Sec. 27 Wife of B. F. Rice Brown Co., Oh. 1861
Richards, J. W. Ogden Sec. 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Champaign Co., Ill. 1844
Richards, Mrs. A. E. Ogden Sec. 30 Wife of J. W. Richards Vermilion Co., Ill. 1853
Richmond, B. F. Foosland Sec. 29 Farmer and Stock Dealer Tazewell Co., Ill. 1871
Richmond, Mrs. Bessie Foosland Sec. 29 Wife of B. F. Richmond Michigan 1871
Riemke, Henry Tolono Sec. 10 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1860
Riemke, Mrs. Ann Tolono Sec. 10 Wife of Henry Riemke England 1860
Riley, Albert Urbana Urbana Watch Maker & jeweler Oxfordshire, England 1872
Riley, Mrs. Mary E. Urbana Urbana Wife of Albert Riley 1871
Rittenhouse, J. Mahomet Mahomet Closs/Rittenhouse Dept. Store Ross Co., Oh. 1858
Rittenhouse, Joseph H. Mabomet Sec. 7 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ross Co., Oh. 1858
Rittenhouse, Mrs. M. A. Mabomet Sec. 7 Wife of Joseph H. Rittenhouse Shelby Co., Oh. 1855
Roadman, Mrs. L. M. Foosland Sec. 29 Wife of W. S. Roadman Clay Co., Ind. 1873
Roadman, W. S. Foosland Sec. 29 Farmer and Stock Raiser Westmorland Co., Pa. 1873
Roberts, Mrs. Sarah Urbana Sec. 27 Wife of William D. Roberts Dearborn Co., Ind. 1857
Roberts, William D. Urbana Sec. 27 Farmer and Stock Raiser Bucks Co., Pa. 1857
Robinson, E. A. Champaign Champaign Proprietor of Machine Shops Vermont 1871
Robinson, H. J. Parkville Sec. 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ireland 1852
Robinson, Samuel Homer Sec. 18 Farmer and Stock Raiser Armstrong Co., Pa . 1868
Robinson, Susan J. Parkville Sec. 33 Wife of H. J. Robinson Michigan 1869
Robinson, W. A. Sidney Sidney Boot and Shoe Maker Butler Co., Oh. 1865
Rock, W. H. Pesotum Sec. 19 Farmer Champaign Co., Ill. 1837
Rodgers, Mrs. Adelia Champaign Sec. 12 Wife of T. J. Rodgers Ross Co., Oh. 1877
Rodgers, T. J. Champaign Sec. 12 Farmer & Harness Maker Virginia 1877
Rogers, Mrs. Bell D. Sidney Sec. 11 Wife of William M. Rogers Co. Tyrone, Ireland 1875
Rogers, William M. Sidney Sec.11 Farmer and StockRaiser Fayette Co., Pa. 1854
Rogerson, John Sadorus Sec. 36 Farmer & Dealer in Fine Stock Perth, C. West 1855
Rogerson, Mrs. J. M. C. Sadorus Sec. 36 Wife of John Rogerson Pennsylvania 1855
Rollins, Wm. G. Parksville Sec. 30 Farmer Illinois 1870
Romine, Mrs. Louisa Champaign Urbana Wife of Wm. H. Romine Indiana 1836
Romine, Wm. H. Champaign Urbana Farmer Jackson Co., Oh. 1839
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