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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 28

Roney, J. W. Urbana Urbana Professor and Teacher Butler Co., Pa. 1868
Roughton, John Rantoul Sec. 27 Farmer, Stock Raiser & J. P. Liecestershire, England 1850
Roughton, Mrs. Eliza Rantoul Sec. 27 Wife of J. Roughton Liecestershire, England 1850
Rubl, A. G. Bondville Sec. 12 Farmer and Stock Raiser Maryland 1857
Rubl, Mrs. Barbara Bondville Sec. 12 Wife of A. G. Rubl Pennsylvania 1857
Ruckman, John W. Sidney Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser Pickaway Co., Oh. 1854
Ruckman, Miss M. J. Sidney Sec.6 Teacher Champaign Co., Ill. 1857
Ruckman, Mrs. Mary Sidney Sec. 6 Wife of Thomas Ruckman Ireland 1856
Ruckman, Thomas Sidney Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser Pickaway Co., Oh. 1856
Rue, G. H. Ivesdale Ivesdale Homeopathic Physician Mercer Co., N.J. 1877
Rue, Mrs. M. M. Ivesdale Ivesdale Wife of G. H. Rue Missouri 1877
Ruggles, B. E. Urbana Sec. 35 Farmer and Stock Raiser Litchfield Co., Conn. 1857
Ruggles, Mrs. Harriet Died February 24, 1877 Late Wife of B. E. Ruggles Litchfield Co., Conn. 1857
Rukenbrod, W. L. Sidney Sidney Physician & Surgeon Carroll Co., Oh. 1872
Rundle, D. P. Rantoul Sec. 35 Farmer and Stock Raiser Rocking Co., Oh. 1871
Rundle, Mrs. Aroline Rantoul Sec. 35 Wife of D. P. Rundle Logan Co., Ill. 1873
Rutherford, Alexander Gifford Sec. 14 Farming Sangamon Co., Ill. 1868
Rutherford, Mrs. S. A. Gifford Sec. 14 Farming Ross Co., Oh. 1868
Sabin, C. J. Champaign Champaign Dealer in Ag. Implements &c New York 1857
Sadorus, Henry Sadorus Sadorus Retired Pennsylvania 1824
Sadorus, Mrs. E. H. Sadorus Sadorus Wife of Henry Sadorus Kentucky 1830
Sale, F. B. Fisher Sec. 18 Farmer Green Co., Oh. 1853
Sale, Mrs. Maria C. Fisher Sec. 18 Wife of F. B. Sale Green Co., Oh. 1853
Samson, J. W. Sidney Sec. 27 Farmer and Stock Raiser Marshall Co., Ind 1852
Samson, Mrs. Eliza E. Sidney Sec. 27 Wife of J. W. Samson Clermont Co., Oh. 1866
Samson, Willard Died September 10, 1876 Born September 20, 1814 Washington Co., N.Y. 1852
Samson,. Mrs. Margaret Sidney Sec. 27 Widow of Willard Samson Canada West 1852
Savage, F. A. Gifford Gifford Physician & Surgeon New York 1878
Scanlan, Bartley Ivesdale Ivesdale Farmer and Stock Raiser Ireland 1867
Scanlan, Mrs. Mary Ivesdale Ivesdale Wife of Bartley Scanlan Ireland 1867
Schenk, Anthony Foosland Sec. 14 Farmer, Stock Dealer & Moulder Prussia 1857
Schenk, Mrs. Mary Foosland Sec. 14 Wife of Anthony Schenk Prussia 1857
Scheurich, Martin Seymour Sec. 3 Farmer, J.P., Sch. T. &c., Indiana 1869
Scheurich, Mrs. K. Seymour Sec. 3 Wife of Martin Scheurich Ireland 1869
Schilling, A. J. Urbana Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Stark Co., Oh. 1860
Schilling, Mrs. F. A. Urbana Sec. 20 Wife of A. J. Schilling Carroll Co., Ind. 1855
Schindler, John Died December 7, 1875 Father of Robert H. Schindler Germany 1856
Schindler, Mrs. S. Sidney Sec. 28 Widow of John Schindler Germany 1856
Schindler, Robert H. Sidney Sec. 28 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1856
Schmidt, H. F. W. Ivesdale Ivesdale Druggist Germany 1869
Schmidt, Mrs. S. F. Ivesdale Ivesdale Wife of H. F. W. Schmidt New York City 1873
Schoff, C. E. Champaign Champaign Ed. & Pub., Champaign Union Michigan 1869
Schweitzer, John F. Champaign Champaign Merchant Tailor & Clothier Germany 1858
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