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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 32

Tennant, J. H. Rantoul Sec. 13 Farmer, Stock Dealer & Shipper New York 1872
Thayer, A. C. Champaign Champaign Proprietor of Neil House Maryland 1871
Thomas, C. Philo Philo Proprietor of Livery & Feed Station Pickaway Co., Oh. 1870
Thomas, Moses C. Homer Homer Dry Goods Merchant Champaign Co., Ill. 1846
Thompson, A. L. Homer Homer Hardware & Agricultral Dealer Vermilion Co., Ill. 1851
Thompson, A. Urbana Urbana Engineer Scotland 1865
Thompson, Daniel T. Sidney Sec. 15 Farmer and Stock Raiser Fayette Co., Oh. 1857
Thompson, Mrs. I. C. Sidney Sec. 15 Wife of Daniel T. Thompson Orange Co., Ind. 1869
Throckmorton M. A. Urbana Sec. 20 Wife of Isaac Throckmorton Green Co., Pa. 1864
Throckmorton, Isaac Urbana Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Green Co., Pa. 1864
Tiernan, Francis Urbana Urbana Grocer & Proprietor of Opera House Champaign Co., Ill. 1842
Tiernan, Mrs. Laiira A. Urbana Urbana Wife of Francis Tiernan Green Co., Oh. 1858
Titus, A. B. Thomasboro Sec. 19 Farmer, Dairy & Stock Raiser Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1863
Titus, Mrs. E. J. Thomasboro Sec. 19 Wife of A. B. Titus Richland Co., Ill. 1863
Tompkins, L. L. Urbana Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Clermont Co., Oh. 1867
Tompkins, Mrs. J. A. Urbana Sec. 21 Wife of L. L. Tompkins Clermont Co., Oh. 1867
Toner, Rev. P Champaign Champaign Roman Catholic Priest Ireland 1866
Towner, Benjamin H. Homer Homer Police Magistrate Vigo Co., Ind. 1838
Towner, G. W. Sidney Sidney Postmaster Bradford Co., Pa. 1837
Tracy, William Ivesdale Sec. 17 Farmer Illinois 1872
Trevett, Henry Champaign Champaign Mayor & Hardware Dlr. Cook Co., Ill. 1857
Trotter, A. D. Champaign Sec. 9 Farmer Clinton Co., Ind. 1875
Trotter, Hiram Fisher Se. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Frederick Co., Va. 1856
Trotter, Lydia M. Fisher Sec. 14 Wife of Hiram Trotter Frederick Co., Va. 1856
Truman, Mrs. M. A. M. Urbana Sec. 13 Wife of T. L. Truman Shelby Co., Ky. 1830
Truman, Tarlton L. Urbana Sec. 13 Farmer and Stock Raiser Shelby Co., Ky. 1830
Tull, Mrs. Maud Gifford Gifford Wife of Ref. W. J. Tull Shelby Co., Ill. 1877
Tull, Rev. W. J. Gifford Gifford Minister of M. E. Church Shelby Co., Ill. 1877
Tully, Andrew Tonelinson Sec. 26 Farmer and Blacksmith Co. of Kent, England 1868
Tully, Mrs. Elizabeth Tonelinson Sec. 26 Wife of Aandrew Tully Co. Durham, England 1868
Turner, Isaac Gifford Sec. 18 Farmer and Stock Raiser Coshocton Co., Oh. 1870
Turner, J. W. Gifford Sec. 13 Farmer Coshocton Co., Oh. 1872
Turner, Mrs. Rachael Gifford Sec. 18 Wife of Isaac Turner Coshocton Co., Oh. 1870
Turner, Mrs. Sarah Gifford Sec. 13 Wife of J. W. Turner Coshocton Co., Oh. 1872
Udell, E. J. Rantoul Rant'l Express & RR Ticket Agent Abbing Co., N.Y. 1864
Umphenour, Mrs. S. A. Ogden Ogden Wife of S. B. Umphenour Licking Co., Oh. 1870
Umphenour, S. B. Ogden Ogden Proprietor-Blacksmith & Repair Shop Starr Co., Oh. 1870
Underhill, Caleb Ivesdale Sec. 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Bourbon Co., Ky. 1872
Underhill, Mrs. E. B. Ivesdale Sec. 30 Wife of Caleb Underhill Bourbon Co., Ky. 1872
Underwood, J. Foosland Sec. 19 Farmer and Stock Raiser Butler Co., Oh. 1865
Urbana Free Library Urbana Urbana Organized December 11, 1872
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