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Champaign County, Illinois

Partial List of Patrons, pg. 34

Webster, George Rantoul Sec. 9 Farmer and Stock Raiser Columbia Co., N.Y. 1872
Webster, Mrs. Mary Rantoul Sec. 9 Wife of George Webster Tazewell Co., Ill. 1872
Weeks, George D. Champaign Sec. 29 Farmer and Stock Raiser Albany, N.Y. 1859
Weeks, Mrs. E. J. Champaign Sec. 29 Wife of George D. Weeks Niagara Co., N.Y. 1859
Wells, Frank Philo Sec. 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Harrison Co., Oh. 1857
Wells, Mrs. Cordelia J. Philo Sec. 2 Wife of Frank Wells Brown Co., Oh. 1855
Welsh, Samuel J. Urbana Urbana Tile and Brick Manufacturer Fairfield Co., Oh. 1878
West, Henry C. Champaign Sec. 27 Farmer and Stock Raiser Bourbon Co, Ky. 1853
West, Mrs. Harriet E. Champaign Sec. 27 Wife of Henry C. West Bath Co., Ky. 1852
West. E. H. Gifford Gifford General Merchant/Grain Dealer/Shipper Cuyahoga Co., N.Y. 1857
Whetstone, J. S. Ogden Ogden Farmer Montgomery Co.,Oh. 1869
Whetstone, Mrs. A. Ogden Ogden Wife of J. S. Whetstone Hamilton Co., Oh. 1869
White, H. C. Homer Sec. 20 Farmer and Stock Raiser Clark Co. Oh. 1851
White, John R. St. Joseph Sec. 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Greenbrier Co., Va. 1870
White, Mrs. Jane Urbana Sec. 26 Wife of S. C. White Butler Co., Oh. 1857
White, S. C. Urbana Sec. 29 Farmer ad Stock Raiser Muskingm Co., Oh. 1857
Whitehurst, James H. Died July 24, 1854 Father of Miss Minnie M. Whitehurst Franklin Co., Ky.


Whitehurst, Minnie M. Homer Homer Teacher Fountain Co., Ind. 1852
Whitehurst, Mrs. M. Homer Homer Widow of James H. Whitehurst Highland Co., Oh. 1852
Whitmer, Abraham S. Rantoul Sec. 24 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., Pa. 1871
Whitmer, Mrs. Maria Rantoul Sec. 24 Wife of Abraham S. Whitmer Franklin Co., Pa. 1871
Whitmore, Alexander P. Philo Sec. 4 Farmer and Stock Raiser Rutland Co., Vt. 1865
Whitmore, Susan J. Philo Sec. 4 Wife of Alexander P. Whitmore Rutland Co., Vt. 1865
Willerd, C. H. Gifford Gifford Grain Dealer, Elevator Corn Mer. Mississippi 1861
Willerd, Mrs. Ruth A. Gifford Gifford Wife of C. H. Willerd Ohio 1859
Williams, James Camargo Sec. 35 Farmer and Stock Raiser Adams Co., Oh. 1841
Williams, Mrs. E. Douglas Co., Ill Sec. 35 Wife of James Williams Monroe Co., Va. 1851
Williams, John W. Urbana Sec. 22 Farmer and Teacher North Carolina 1868
Willis, Godfrey C. Champaign Champaign Dry Goods Merchant Kent Co., England 1866
Willis, Mrs. F. A. Champaign Champaign Wife of Godfrey C. Willis Onondago Co., N.Y.
Wilmot, L. D. Gibson, Ford Co. Sec. 6 Farmer and Stock Raiser Steuben Co., N.Y. 1875
Wilmot, Mrs. S. A. Gibson, Ford Co. Sec. 6 Wife of L. D. Wilmot Lake Co., Ill. 1875
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