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Champaign County, Illinois

Photo Album - Private Residences

Home of C. Dunn, built in 1850.

1841 - First brick house built in Urbana.

One of the oldest houses in Champaign, now owned (1908) by Joseph Kuhn. Sacred as having sheltered Abe Lincon during circuit court.

Oldham log house, built in 1869.

Oldest log cabin still in existence in 1908. Built approximately 1832.

First log cabin in Champaign County. Home of Henry Sadorus, built in 1824.

The first house built in Champaign County — This house was built by William Sadorus, not far from the Okaw river, a half mile southwest of the present village of Sadorus. The house contained six spacious rooms, each of which had a fireplace. It faced south, that being the side shown in the picture. A large room in the east end on the ground floor, was Lincoln's room, one he occupied when making trips across the country. Extending to the north is an 'L' in which are the kitchen and dining room. On the east side of the 'L' is a large veranda.

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