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Champaign County, Illinois

Photo Album - Memorials

Local unions building memorial at Dodds Park.
Coyright 2002 The News Gazette
Published Online July 06 2002
Organizers compiling list of people who died on the job

Organizers of the Champaign County Workers Memorial are trying to compile a complete list of workers who have died on the job so that their names can be engraved on the memorial.

The organizers are asking for the public's help in identifying any omissions or changes that need to be made. Anyone having such information can call a toll-free number, 1-00550-8915, beginning Wednesday. So far, the list of names, including the year of death, includes:

Paul Applegate, 1994 Eddie Bates, no year listed; Jessie Beadles, 1950; George Beason, 1974; william Bebbus, 1950; Carl Bleichner, 2001; William Boland, 1950; tom Brewer, 1979; Timothy Brooks, 1994; Warren Buswell, 1964; Robert Butler, 2000

Dwain Collins, 1985; Marvin Collins, 1974; Robert Compton, 1950; William Crawley, 1996; Todd Dalton, 1999; Michelle Davis, 1993; Mervin Davison, 1994; William Deats, 2000; Floyd Earnest, 1958; William Farthing, 1972; Robert foreman, 1981

Joe Geers, 1978; Jack Giesler, Jr., 1996; Allen Gillliand, 1954; James Gladney, 1992; Maria Pia Gratton, 1995; John Gream, 1994; Roy Hatfield, 1973; Robert Heath, 1994; Richard Hensler, 1960; Ben Hettinger, 1950; Edward Hoffman, 1985; The Rev. Jesse Hughes, 1995.

Mary Laird, 1996; James McCabe, 1984; David McCormick, 1950; William McCormick, 1950; Kevin McGuire, 1996; Joseph Miller, 2001; Robert Murden, 1988; Wayne Naesar, 1992; Paul Neslony, 1993; dora Norman, 1951; Rick Ogden, 1977; Wendell Olson, 1992; Max Overmyer, 1992.

Joseph Parker, 1979; A. C. Parris, 1950; Kenneth Peyton, 1969; Kenneth Reinhart, 2000; Dean Roberts, 1991; Joe Robertson, 1996; L. J. Rowe, 1975; Bernie Schweighart, 1990 Paul Short, 1965; Dick Steven, 1993; Frank Stout, 1972; Clifford Strack, 1992; Gary Sutherland, 1997.

Ronnie Tarter, 2000; Robert Tatman, 1967; Lloyd Taylor, 1996; Joyce Unzicker, 1977; Steven Warfel, 1994; Bernie White, 1981; Walter Wilfong, 1954; Curtis Williams, 1991; Charles Wolfe, 1998; and William Wood, 1985

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