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Champaign County, Illinois

1923 Champaign High School Commencement

Submitted by Nancy U. Anderson


Overture Poet and Peasant
Van Suppe
High School Ensemble

Invocation The
Reverend G. P. Hoster

Champaign Vocal Solo -
High School Florence Lillian Edwards
a) Yesterday and Today - Spross
b) Chanson Provencale -------Dell Acqua

Address I'm Going to Market Kendric
C. Babcock
Forty-Sixth Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of
Annual Illinois
Volin Solo

Edward Thrash
(a) Gypsy Dance --------- Henri Ernst
(b) Mighty Like a Rose ---Nevine
High School
Auditorium Presentation of the Class of 1923
Illinois Superintendent W. W. Earnest

Presentation of Diplomas
Dr. W. L. Gray
President of the Board of Education

Friday, June Vocal Solo Shipmates o'Mine
the first Sanderson
Nineteen James Willard Pettit
hundred and
twenty-three *Conferring the prize in United States History Mrs.
eight o'clock E.J. Lake
Vice-Regent of the Alliance Chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution

Benediction The
Reverend G. P. Hoster

*A prize awarded annually by the Alliance Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution to the student of Champaign
High School ranking first in United States History. Paul Dwight
Doolen is the honor student this year.

Senior Class, 1923

Ahrens, Gertrude Catherine

Barrett, Helen Raye

Bayard, Hyman

Beem, Charles Voletta

Berbaum, Kenneth August

Blaine, Marian Elizabeth

Bowen, Bernard William

Brownfield, Harland

Buch, Dorothy Esther

Burdick, Gail Jewell

Burke, Mary Frances

Burke, Harry Leroy

Burleson, Edward Albert Lee

Burr, Arthur Nathan

Burr, Florence Edna

Busch, Herbert Arthur

Cain, Viola Mildred

Capel, James Lewis

Charnes, Edith Fern

Chenoweth, Aline Ruth

Christie, Jean Margaret

Clark, Dorothy

Cooper, John Maurice

Crawford, Florence

Custer, Frances Barbara

Damm, Elmer, John

Davis, Cletis Margaret

Delaney, Hazel Marie

Dillman, Walter Edward

Dixon, Margaret Ellen

Dodds, Audrey Denzil

Dodds, Raymond Leroy

Doolen, Paul Dwight

Dunn, Reginald Clyde

Edwards, Florence Lillian

Ehler, Margaret Alice

Eichhorst, Albert Maurice

Elliott, Joseph Burnard

Elwell, Henry Spalding

Faullin, Mollie Margretta

Faullin, Redmond Claypool

Fergueson, Carl

Fields, Ione

Fisher, Sarah Jane

Fisher, Ellis David

Fisher, Glenn Charles

Fosnaugh, Daniel Albert

Fox, Raymond Felix

Gabriel, Frank Clarence

Gamble, William Logan

Geelan, Ruth Helen

Gilmore, Lenore Agnes

Graham, Clarissa Margaret

Greaber, Anna Faye

Grierson, Charles Maynard

Grindley, Merwin Russell

Grindley, Neva Burnell

Gwinn, Wilber Thomas

Hackbarth, Herbert

Hartman, Ruth Margaret

Haven, Alice Genevieve

Healey, Veryl

Hegman, Sadie Virginia

Heimlicher, Evaline Elizabeth

Hoffman, Harry Earl

Holderman, Jessie Frances

Howard, William Casper

Hudnut, Harry Posey

Huff, George Alexander

Hyland, Edwin James

Irle, Mary Catherine

Kariher, Harry Cullen

Kelley, Mary Margaret

Keller, Guy Veer

Kesler, Fannie Opal

Kirk, Alfred Edward

Koogler, Dorothy

Lang, Irene Estelle

Layman, Harold Fletcher

Layman, Lyle Russell

Lierman, Adeline Emma H

Lierman, Dorothy Gretta

Long, Edna Gertrude

Luther, Lillian Cornella

McCallister, Ralph Beck

McCown, Hugh Monroe

McKay, Robert Rankin

Fay McNeill, Clara Mae

McWilliams, Paul Howell

Major, Marie Allegra

Manke, George Rudolph

Manley, Addison Cook

Markland, Ida May

Mead, Mary Kimble

Mills, Violet Irene

Nash, Lyle James

Nofftz, Gertrude Julia

Norris, Mildred Margurette

Norton, Helen Rhoades

Norton, Gardiner Scoggin

O'Donnell, Margaret Josephine

Ogden, Joseph Arthur

O'Neal, Leslie David Marshall

Percival, Mildred Louise

Pettit, James Willard

Pfiester, Breta Elizabeth

Pricer, James Harvey

Ramey, Richard Meharry

Rankin, Helen Margaret

Rankin, Lucille Ethelyn

Raymond, Lilburn Paul

Reno, Donald Maxwell

Reynolds, Ethel May

Reynolds, Ethel

Reynolds, John Edward

Rock, Reva Maude

Rodgers, Florence Jane

Rodgers, Noble Elizabeth

Schardein, Orville

Sedgwick, Charles William

Shepard, Mildred Viola

Shrider, Evelyn Elizabeth

Siefken, Joel Augustus

Simon, Marie Ann

Sloan, Harold Redmen

Smith, Mary Alice

Smith, Harold Redmen

Smith, Jessie Ruth

Smith, Truman Nathan James

Snyder, Dolores Pearl

Solon, James Aloysius

Souder, Robert Hall

Starr, Donald Alonzo

Stedem, Wilha Lucille

Stevens, Charles William

Stewart, Donald Judson

Stipes, Royal Arthur Jr.

Sturdyvin, William Leonard

Thrash, Edward

Turrell, Franklin Marlon

Unlaub, Charles Griswell

VanBuskirk, Lelta Mae

Villard, Leona Marguerite

Vinson, Don Leather

Wade, Willard Elliott

Walker, Alma Jean

Watts, Grace Althea

Weaver, Mildred Cole

Welker, William Harold

Weston, Janet Louise

Wilcox, Dorothy Frances

Wiley, Joseph Robert

Wilske, Alma Adrinett

Wilson, Hazel Oral

Witwer, Thelma Elizabeth

Wood, Helen Lucille

Woods, Charlotte Elizabeth

Woolery, Todd Lincoln

Young, Madge Woodard

Younglove, Vera Kathryn

Senior Honor Roll
(General Average for four years)

Rank 1 - Janet Louise Weston

Rank 2 - Harry Leroy Burke

Rank 2 - Paul Dwight Doolen

Rank 2 - Sarah Jane Fisher

Rank 3 - Florence Lillian Edwards

Rank 4 - Mary Margaret Kelly

Rank 5 - Thelma Elizabeth Witwer

Rank 6 - Alice Genevieve Haven

Rank 6 - Lillian Corelia Luther

Rank 7 - Clarissa Margaret Graham

Rank 8 - Helen Margaret Rankin

Rank 9 - Mollie Margretta Faullin

Rank 10 - Helen Rhoades Norton

Rank 11 - Margaret Alice Ehler

Rank 12 - Harry Cullen Kariher

Rank 13 - Ione Fields

Rank 13 - Ethel May Reynolds

Rank 14 - Royal Arthur Stipes, Jr.

Rank 15 - Charles Griswell Unlaub

Rank 16 - Irene Estelle Lang

Rank 17 - Bernard William Bowen

Rank 17 - Jean Margaret Christie

Rank 17 - Ralph Beck McCallister

Rank 18 - Helen Raye Barrett



Rank 1 - Mary Margaret Kelley

Rank 2 - Alice Genevieve Haven

Rank 3 - Florence Lillian Edwards

Rank 1 - Bernard William Bowen

Rank 2 - Harry Cullen Kariher

Rank 3 - Thelma Elizabeth Witwer

Mathematics  English

Rank 1 - Margaret Alice Ehler

Rank 2 - Janet Louise Weston

Rank 3 - Mildred Viola Shepard

Rank 4 - Harry Leroy Burke

Rank 1 - Janet Louise Weston

Rank 2 - Sarah Jane Fisher

Rank 3 - Paul Dwight Doolen

Alice Genevieve Haven

 Social Science French 

Rank 1 - Paul Dwight Doolen 

Rank 2 - Clarissa Margaret Graham

Rank 3 - Sarah Jane Fisher

Rank 4 - Alice Genevieve Haven

Rank 1 - Janet Louise Weston

Rank 2 - Helen Raye Barrett

Rank 3 - Mildred Viola Shepard

Rank 4 - Clarissa Margaret Graham

Rank 4 - Mollie Margretta Faullin

Spanish Business

 Rank 1 - Adeline Emma H. Lierman

Rank 2 - Lillian Cornelia Luther

Rank 3 - Harry Leroy Burke

Rank 4 - Royal Arthur Stipes, Jr.

Rank 4 - Mary Margaret Kelley

Rank 1 - Lillian Cornelia Luther

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