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Champaign County, Illinois

Yankee Ridge School, Nellie Kearns Schoolmistress

Nellie Gertrude Kearns and the pupils of Yankee Ridge School, circa 1915-1919. She started teaching in 1914 and ied in 1920. Submitted by Dick Kearns

A better view of the school, but obviously taken the same day as the previous photo. Submitted by Dick Kearns

Nellie Kearns' Teacher's Contract. Submitted by Dick Kearns


"Where we live

We live in District No 6 in the western part of Sidney township. in the souther in pard of Champaign County. not very far from the city of Chicago by railway car.

Illinois is our state. In its extent its not called great. But when Our Country called for men to fight for her it was great then."

Last theme written by Frances Edna Kearns - December 1896. She died December 15, 1896. The last sentence I believe is a reference to the Civil War, and that her uncle, Patrick Kearns, volunteered and died in that war.

Submitted by Dick Kearns

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