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Champaign County, Illinois

Cities, Towns and Villages - Past and Present

Cities and Towns in Champaign County, Past and Present, with Longitude and Latitude when known
Allerton 395442N 0875611W
Augerville 400823N 0881018W
Block 395806N 0880508W
Bondville 400648N 0882210W
Bongard 395527N 0880725W
Broadlands 395431N 0875939W
Champaign 400659N 0881436W
Dailey 401420N 0875651W
Deers 400318N 0880721W
Dewey 401908N 0881655W
Dickerson 401906N 0882520W
Fairland 395235N 0880606W
Fisher 401853N 0882100W
Flatville 401422N 0880333W
Foosland 402141N 0882541W
Fulls 400648N 0880525W
Gerald 401614N 0875548W
Glover 400649N 0880108W
Homer 400205N 0875729W
Ivesdale 395636N 0882719W
Kenwood 400622N 0881740W
Leverett 401121N 0881235W
Longview 395312N 0880359W
Lotus 401908N 0882721W
Mahomet 401143N 0882415W
Mayview 400648N 0880637W
Myra 400502N 0880944W
Ogden 400650N 0875722W
Parkville 395406N 0882149W
Pauline 400739N 0880021W
Penfield 401812N 0875648W
Pesotum 395453N 0881624W
Philo 400025N 0880929W
Rising 400926N 0882001W
Royal 401134N 0875822W
Rutherford 400129N 0880309W
Sadorus 395801N 0882047W
Saint Joseph 400642N 0880230W
Savoy 400317N 0881506W
Sellers 401111N 0880617W
Seymour 400625N 0882536W
Sidney 400130N 0880424W
Staley 400647N 0881845W
Thomasboro 401430N 0881103W
Tipton 400411N 0880206W
Tolono 395910N 0881532W
Urbana 400638N 0881226W
Wilbur Heights 400833N 0881408W

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