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Champaign County, Illinois

Index toTownship Histories

  • Ayers - formed from South Homer (no date); named for M. P. Ayers, the agent who sold the land
  • Brown - formed from East Bend in September, 1869; named for William Brown, an early resident
  • Champaign - name changed from West Urbana on April 30, 1860
  • Colfax - formed from Tolono (no date); named for Schuler Colfax, Vice President with President Grant
  • Compromise - formed from part of Kerr and Rantoul (no date)
  • Condit - formed from part of Newcomb on May 8, 1867; named for A. B. condit, the first supervisor
  • Crittenden - formed from part of Philo (no date); named for John C. Crittenden, Kentucky governor
  • East Bend; named after a bend in the Sangamon River
  • Harwood - formed from Ludlow as Sheldon in September, 1869, name changed to Shuck (no date) and to Harwood February 22, 1870; named after Abel Harwood, a legislator
  • Hensley - formed from Champaign in September, 1866 with original designation of Grant; changed to Hensley (no date); named for A. P. Hensley, the first supervisor
  • Homer
  • Kerr - name changed from Middlefork on April 30, 1860; named for Samuel Kerr
  • Ludlow - name changed from Pera in March, 1867
  • Mahomet - formed from split of Middletown into Mahomet and Scott (no date)
  • Newcomb; named for Ethan Newcomb, an early resident
  • Ogden - formed from South Homer (no date)
  • Pesotum - formed from part of Sadorus (no date); named for Pesotum, a Potawatomi Indian
  • Philo - name changed from Hale on April 30, 1860
  • Rantoul
  • Raymond - formed from Sidney (no date); named for Nathaniel Raymond, first supervisor
  • Sadorus
  • Saint Joseph
  • Scott - formed from split of Middletown into Scott and Mahomet (no date); named for General Winfield Scott
  • Sidney
  • Somer - name changed from Pleasant Hill on April 30, 1860; named for Whitman Somers, early settlers [the 's' was later dropped]
  • Stanton - formed from St. Joseph (no date); named for Edwin M. Stanton
  • Tolono
  • Urbana

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